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Should I change my health behavior?

No description

Tami Fuiten

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Should I change my health behavior?

How does my health behavior impact my overall health? What are the benefits of my health behavior that will impact my overall health / quality of life? Are the benefits long / short term? What are the negative effects or consequences of my health behavior choices? Can my health behavior lead to a more chronic disorder or a communicable / non-communicable disease? How does my health behavior directly / indirectly impact others? Why should I care if it impacts others? How does my health behavior effect my 7 areas of wellness? Should I change my behaviors to lead a higher quality of life? Do I need to make a change? Would the quality of my
life improve if I made
the change now? Social Wellness? Intellectual /
Wellness? Physical Wellness? Emotional
Wellness? Environmental
Wellness? What can I do to prevent or reduce
the severity of the negative impact my health behavior has on my quality of life? Change my ways? WHY? How could my health behavior
impact me /or my family
financially? (Either now or in
the future?) Could I have prevented the negative effects or promoted good health by making better choices? Should I have to compromise what I LIKE or WANT for good health? Place a video clip / images here that will provide a powerful message about your health behavior you are trying to advocate for/ against? Should I make a change? Why is having good health that important? With all of the medical advances,
can't we just fix the problem? What do I need to do if I want to have a long life expectancy? Is this part of being happy? Works Cited: Please list all of your resources you used in your research and visual aids as part of this project.
You must give credit to your sources. Is my health
to keep
me healthy or
kill me? You only have one body and one life...
Cherish it!!!! Career
Wellness? Spiritual
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