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Taboos for women in the 1930's

No description

courtney pearson

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Taboos for women in the 1930's

By: Courtney Pearson. Taboos for women
in the 1930's. Many people in the 1930's believed that having
sex before marriage was a Taboo. A Taboo is something that is proscribed by society that is considered improper or unacceptable. In the 1930's women had Taboo's that they weren't "allowed" to do. Though some women did do them. Another taboo is that women weren't "allowed" to work outside of the home. Many people thought that when women worked outside of the home that they were taking jobs away from the men. Another taboo is women were not "allowed" to wear pants . Another taboo is having extra
marital affairs. Also women were not allowed to vote it was unacceptable to society, making it a taboo. Also it was improper for women to smoke in public. Also it was very improper for women to use profanity in the 1930's. When going shopping or to a job or anywhere in public (beyond one's home/yard), ladies wore hats, gloves and stockings as well as their nicest frocks (dresses or skirts/blouses.) It was improper for women to "pick up" men, or to be "picked up" by men; or to initiate a conversation with a man they have not been introduced to previously. THE END!!
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