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World History 5.06

No description

Manar Al-badarneh

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of World History 5.06

World History 5.06 The Enlightenment and Revolutions: It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times. By: Manar Al-badarneh United States Independence Day Fourth of July Origins: The fourth of July is a day of celebration of the Declaration of Independence when it was adopted by the Continental congress. It’s a federal holiday celebrated by the United States. It was the day the US declared independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Traditions: The traditions of the fourth of July have an endless list, starting from fireworks, concerts, picnics, barbeques, baseball games, carnivals, fairs and any kind of special event. These are all traditions of the United States. Symbols: Some symbols of Independence day include fireworks, the american flag, american anthem and designs and art in the colors red, white and blue including many stars. Bastille Day Origin: Celebrated on Sunday July 14 in remembrance of the storming of the Bastille in 1789. The Bastille was a fortress/prison in Paris. It is significant for its role it played during the French revolution and republic movement. It was a fortress from 1380 when it was built and declared a prison in 1417. It has survived through the hundred years war, wars of religion, Fronde and the French revolution. Tradition: Military parades, fireworks, concerts and balls are all taken place on this day and are popular activities done by the people celebrating. Symbols: French flag, The Bastille and the National anthem of France are symbols of Bastille Day. Bastille Day :) Independence Day :) Comparative Summary: Both these national holidays are celebrated by the people of the nation to show their pride and honor to their countries. Of course each holiday is special in it's own way because they all have different causes but they all represent the same thing, freedom, pride and honor. They celebrate in similar ways as well with fireworks, parties and parades. The main difference between these two holidays is that they have very different historic origins that have gotten them their independence in different ways. It also shows you how different their history was but in the end they all wanted the same thing, freedom and equality.
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