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I06 Unit 4 H.E.R.

Change Your World

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of I06 Unit 4 H.E.R.

How would you describe people of your age?
How would you describe people of an older generation?
I tried to talk to her about my problems at work, but she was very
about it.
Did you know that James Cameron was an
I had no idea!
Wait, that means that he doesn't believe in...
if you could do an internship anywhere, where would you like to work? What would you like to learn as an intern?
Yes, do you have a question?
I go to the restroom?
I can't take a trip this week because I
have to
pay the bills.
Wow, they
dance the tango very well.

I don't understand the homework, what
I do?
ask your teacher.
Hey, don't you have homework?
Nah, tomorrow is a holiday, so I
don't have to
do my homework right now.
1. She ____ read music by the time she was three.
6. You ____ use your dictionaries to finish the activity.
3. It's not safe here. Everyone ____ leave the building.
7. I ____ traveled to the US when I had the chance.
4. He's helping us as a volunteer. He ____ work all day.
5. Everyone ____ bring their receipts if they want to enter the ICPNA building.
2. He ____ study if he wants to pass.
What ads have made an impression on you?
I hang out at my friend's house every Saturday to watch sports or movies at his house. He always makes popcorn when we watch movies.
Buy Nothing Day
No Car Day
TV Turnoff Week
We're going to read about a company that promotes these events.
What kind of company do you think it is?
What do you think they want to happen for these events?
Now, you're going to write a letter to the editor in response to one of the ads from the book.
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