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Evaluation Question 3

What Kind of Institution might distribute your media product and why?

James Clayden

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Evaluation Question 3

What Kind of Institution might distribute your media product and why? Internet Cinema Film Festivals Social Network Sites Good Bad - Popular
- Free
- Could be used to build fan base
- High Quality (720p)
- Can recieve feedback
- Can be posted as a response to a popular video
for more views
- Can be put on front page if popular
- Can recieve awards; be put on awards page
- Can earn money from advertising (if channel popular) - Free to view
- Work can been stolen
- Can take time to become popular
- Large number of other videos
- Uploading is time consuming
Facebook GooD BAD - Extremly popular
- Ability to make fan pages
- Can advertise on sidebar (for a cost)
- Built-in recommendation tool for referrals
- Comments allowed for feedback
- "Like" system
- Can make facebook events for special showing etc. - Free to watch
- Not high quality
- Can't put whole movie
- Uploading is time consuming Filmaka Filmaka pledges to reward your creativity. Our monthly competitions provide exciting challenges where you can win prizes, showcase your work, develop your skills and find an audience.

Filmaka encourages debate and feedback between all members, whether you’re a famous filmmaker or a first time novice.

Most of all, we give you the opportunity to express your unique take on life and the world around you.

We hope you’ll take part and share your creative vision with us and our community.

Deepak Nayar
- 2 to 3 minutes
- Million dollar prize for winner
- Lots of exposure:- Internet, In-Stores and on TV to winner 2009 Facts & Figures

• Over 6000 tickets sold
• 42 events across 10 days and 10 venues
• 75% of events sold to capacity
• 8 major media partners and 16 creative programme partners
• Over 200 films screened - Exposure without having to come first
- All films are low budget (as is ours) - Show Independent films
- Attracts the right target audience
- Paying punters

However we can't use them as our Thriller is too short! iStore + iPod Good Bad - Used worldwide
- Simple
- Able to charge per copy
- Could be included on front page
- Downloadable
- Can be put on portable Ipod allowing
friends to show it around helping the exposure
- Download times
- No "Streaming"
- Need to pay for advertising for any chance of it being found at all
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