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TrainBuilder- The Train Support Team (TST)

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elle stone

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of TrainBuilder- The Train Support Team (TST)

The Train Support Team (TST)

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA)
Strategic Trade-offs
Actual vs
& Process
Chase says customer contact has a negative effect on efficiency, slows procedures down.
However, high customer contact relates into perceptions of high service quality. They also enable the building of trust and confidence in TST.
The aim of The TST is to
realise their potential
and to
a system
them. It is
essential to
manage the relationship
effectively to become an
part of the
that can offer
superior knowledge
Customer Policy
Supply Chain
Cross Functional Process Diagram
10,400 m2

Inventory P System
Constant time period, varied quantities
Larger average inventory
Economies of scale purchasing numerous parts from one vendor
It is easy to schedule parts for the routine October maintenance, however as breakdowns are unexpected they are more difficult to keep an inventory for. In order to manage this effectively it would be necessary to implement a P-system with the facility of a rush order when necessary.
To prevent overordering it would be beneficial to analyse breakdown patterns from the previous years, then order slightly less for this year. This is because our maintenance plans are effective and parts are high quality, and so there should be a reduction in breakdowns year on year. It would also be advantageous to monitor weather conditions, as cold spells may lead to an increase in breakdowns.
'Quality' is the quality of the service provided by The TST to SouthTrain and its employees
In the case of The TST, quality is ranked highly in the hierachy of values, and has numerous critical and intermediate intersections in the strategy matrix. This indicates that it is essential to have a good quality policy in place, in order to enable them to meet their objectives.
What is 'Quality'?
How Should 'Quality' be Measured?
Quality Systems in Place
Acquitas Compliance Software- corrective actions database, audits manager, training/competency, document control and benchmark establishment.
Acquitas compliance software
Quality Manager- deals with quality complaints, training of standards, improvement of processes
TQM- employee suggestions, feedback mechanisms with suppliers, team feedback sessions
Regular management reviews
Monthly client surveys
Fast Response Team
Other Team Members
Monday- Saturday there is a full team available to answer all queries and respond to breakdowns. On Sundays there is still a team available, however they are smaller due to Sunday not being a peak day.
There is only one shift; 8:00-17:00 Monday to Friday. This means that the team are available throughout the week.
These employees are only available Monday-Friday because they are non-emergency response, and it would not be cost effective to pay them overtime at weekends when their tasks can be completed in the week.
Key Supply Chain Considerations

- joint investment in new infrastructure with Network Rail, work on joint projects that are beneficial to both parties
Division of responsibilities
- agree that if somebody that is not warranty trained deals with a part under warranty it is void
Clearly defined roles
- make sure it is clear who is accountable for the fulfillment of what task, so there is no overlap or confusion
- work alongside suppliers as an integral part of the team, ensuring good working relationships
Relationship capital
- constructive relationship based upon trust
Overseen by the ORR (Office of Rail Regulation) and The Department for Transport
The Market
Transformation Process
Service Design
Service Lifecycle
Breakdown Inventory
How To Order for Inventory
ABC Analysis
Front Office
Back Office
Chase Contact Theory
There are two shifts; 5:00-14:00 and 14:00-23:00. These cover rush hour commuter traffic as well as being available until the majority of trains are finished.
Financial Plan and Breakeven
Annual Maintenance
Breakeven Summary
Internal Performance Values
Hierachy of Values
Answer to Brief
Staff employed- 37
Information systems- KMS and ESS
Reply of a service Engineer- max 30 mins. One of the maintenance engineers is available for call out, reaching 20 miles each way of Brighton. One on call engineer located in Portsmouth covering 20 miles and One in Hastings covering 20 miles
Strategy Matrix
Relationship capital
Decoupling Hybrid Service
Impact of Decoupling on Speed
Impact of Decoupling on Quality
The Service Process Matrix
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