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AED106 Problem-Based-Learning PPT

Tutorial Group 5

Sabine Lim

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of AED106 Problem-Based-Learning PPT

Shutting himself out
Plays Violent Games
Makes John "immune" to the physical abuse from his stepfather
Coping Mechanism

Positive & Negative

Positive Impact
of Gaming

Educational Psychology

Tan Jia Ying, Tay Kim Ling, Huang Yinqi, Phoebe Toh, Zhang Si Yuan
Summary of John's Predicament
John was doing well in his studies.
His parents were very happy.
John's parents divorced.
Deeply affected his studies.

" Good "
" Despondent "
John coped by gaming.
Neglected his school work.
1. Has more time to cope with his emotions
2. A method of relaxation
3. Form of distraction
Negative Impacts
of Gaming
1. Not much social interaction leads to his lack of trust to
confide his problems to others
2. Neglects his studies
3. Tendency to relate his emotions to his friends which might
result in violence
4. No help to John's mental & psychological well-being
Positive Impacts of isolation and withdrawal
1. Allow him to have time and space to process the news
2. Gives him time to adjust to a new environment
Negative Impacts of Isolation and Withdrawal
1. Choose to harbour his feelings within him and not share it with others
2. May choose to blame themselves for the divorce
3. The feelings within him may build up into anger which may affect his feelings and actions
4. Pent up stress within him will cause him to take it out on his work or peers
Unhealthy family relationship
Problem 2:

Problem 4:
Problem 3:
Isolation and withdrawal
Problem 1:
Bottled-up emotions
- Will result in pent-up stress
and anger
Tendency to self harm
Feels responsible for the mess
- Tendency to shut himself from
the outside world
Excessive gaming
Imitates the violence from the games
Accepts violence as a way to solve problems
Excessive Gaming
Role of Parents
Role of Teachers
Isolation and withdrawal
Role of teachers
Try to spend more time with John

Provide John with the emotional support that he needs after the divorce

teacher should consistently show that he enjoys having John in his class

Give John a high status of responsibility to show acceptance and affection towards him

Find out John's strengths make an attempt to highlight it so as to increase his self esteem

Find someone to connect with John in school
Find someone to monitor his game play

Talk to John face-to-face and let him understand that connections in the virtual world is not real
Role of parents
Tell John to keep a journal and review it
Advice him whenever possible
Coping Mechanism
Bottled-up emotions
- Will result in pent-up stress
and anger
Feels responsible for the mess
- Tendency to shut himself from
the outside world
Imitates the violence from the games
Accepts violence as a way to solve problems
Erikson's Development Theory
John falls under

Middle & Late Childhood
Industry vs. Inferiority (6-12 years).

Parents and teachers act as a significant social influence for them at this age.

Interaction with peers play an important role for their development.

Difficulty in dealing with academics, friends or group activities may lead to a sense of inferiority
Strategies to Enhance Peer
1. Inclusion program - Nurture social skills

2. Accept others for their weaknesses

3. Avoid saying things that will irritate your
Aiding anger management
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