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What do dolphins look like?

No description

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of What do dolphins look like?

By Ryleigh lee

What do dolphins look like?
Dolphins have gray skin.
Their skin is made out of blubber.
Dolphins have a blowhole on the the top of their head that helps them breathe.
Dolphins have a little snout it is their mouth.
Dolphins have good eye sight under water and above water.
Cool facts about dolphins.
The rarest dolphin is the baji dolphin of China's yangze river.
Why are they mammals?
Dolphins are mammals because they breathe air just like us.
They are warm blooded mammals just like humans.
Witch way do dolphins flap their tail?
Dolphins flap their tail up and down to swim.
What do dolphins eat?
Dolphins eat fish.
The fish they eat are a good size for a dolphin.
A group of dolphins may take down a shark but dolphins will not eat the shark.
Where do dolphins live?
Dolphins live all around the world.
Dolphins can not survive on land even if they breathe air.
Their body is meant to stay in water.
Dolphins can be found in shallow water.
Some dolphins even live in rivers
Do dolphins have hair?
Dolphins do have bits of hair on their blowhole.
Dolphins are closely related to porpoises and whales.
What animals relate to dolphins?
Baji dolphin
Baby dolphins
Baby dolphins are called calves.
A baby dolphin stays with the mom.
More about dolphins.
You can ride a dolphin if it lets you.
Dolphins are gentle creatures.
Dolphins won't hurt you if you don't hurt them.
Dolphins take down a shark with their beaks.
Dolphins survival
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