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Jimmy Hoffa

No description

Alina Kopp

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Jimmy Hoffa

Disappearance Born in 1913 in Indiana
Worked as a labor union leader in Detroit
Disappeared in 1975
Last seen in Bloomfield Twp.
Declared dead in 1982 Background Hoffa's Life Prison Convicted of attempted bribery and grand juror in 1964 (eight year sentence)
Convicted of fraud later in 1964 ( five year sentence)
Released him eight years early, but restricted him from union activities until 1980
Hoffa sued to invalidate the restriction and lost
Lost earlier support Disappeared on July 30, 1975
Last seen in Bloomfield Twp.
His wife reported him missing when he didn't return from work
Police found his car outside the restaurant with no sign of him Jimmy Hoffa Case By: Alina Kopp Left school in Detroit at age 14
Became a leader in a union
At 19, he became an organizer with the Local 299 of the Teamsters
Married and had two children
Worked his way up to President of the Teamsters
Made great achievements
Well-liked man Suspects The FBI had nine original suspects
There are many theories about how he disappeared
O'Brien was a main suspect
Several people have confessed to killing Hoffa
Evidence supports Sheeran's confession Searches The Great Lakes
GM Headquarters
New York Giants' Stadium
Sheeran's confession
The Horse Barn
The Roseville backyard Fingerprint O'Brien denied driving the car
Fingerprints on 7Up bottle and piece of paper
Admitted to driving the car, but denied Hoffa was in it Hair found in car O'Brien was driving
DNA test in 2001 showed it was Hoffa's hair
Sheeran claimed to have shot Hoffa twice after a drive in that car
Supports Sheeran's confession Blood Evidence Luminal glowed on hardwood floor in Detroit home
Three sections of floorboard were collected
DNA tests showed the blood was not Hoffa's
This does not support Sheeran's confession Soil samples from shed in Roseville in 2012
No signs of human remains were found
6 Stages of Decomposition: The Living Stage, Initial Decay, Putrefaction, Black Putrefaction, Butyric Fermentation, and Dry Decay
Skeletonization comes after Dry Decay Outcome Hoffa was declared legally dead in 1982
His body is still missing
The circumstances surrounding his disappearance are still unknown
This case is famous because of the achievements Hoffa made Decomposition Evidence Sentence Evidence Evidence Hair Jimmy Hoffa O'Brien
Jimmy and Josephine Hoffa The Roseville Backyard The house Sheeran claimed to have shot Hoffa in
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