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Middle Ages Music

No description

Natalie Roese

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Middle Ages Music

Double click anywhere & add an idea Middle Ages Music Natalie Roese Medieval Music Medieval music describes European music written during the Middle Ages,
a period beginning withe the Fall of the Roman Empire and ending in the
15th century Instruments Flute Once made out of wood instead of metal Recorder Lute Mandora There were also early versions of the trombone and organ. Mandora Gemshorn Hurdy-gurdy A mechanical violin Fiddle Harp Rebec Bowed string instrument,
similar to a violin Sounding similar to a flute A type of lute Religious Music The majority of Medieval music was church-related The Medieval period is most known for
its monophonic plainchant Gregorian Chant Monophonic liturgical music
that often accompanied a ritual service
such as Mass. The spread of Christianity
greatly affected Medieval music Organum is a type of plainchant involving singing
in almost perfect fourths or fifths above the tune It was often associated with the beginnings
of Christianity Medieval music has influenced both early
classical music and classic rock in the
50's and 70's Thank you!
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