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idiots guide to ruling the world: ROME

No description

kat Twigg

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of idiots guide to ruling the world: ROME

There were many crazy wives that got really jealous or angry at someone. They would kill them with their personal poisoner (Yes they have their own personal poisoner - beware!). We do not recommend viewers under 8 years old to read this for fear of younger kids taking over the world. Also there are ninjas and pirates that WERE harmed in this project. Viewer discretion is advised. Caution: Second, you have to make a huge arena where you can kill people in! By the Senate liking you, you don't have to worry that they will kill you. Another thing is not to have lots of wives, because they will kill each other, and your kids and your kids kids. You may be the next one dead. ROME Idiots guide to ruling the world and remaining in power. You can also get the latest war gear. LOOK MOM I BOUGHT A ROCKET Make sure that all your roads lead to Rome so you can get the latest gossip on who to fight with next. Look mom I have a rocket! And now for the feature presentation. First you need to build some good looking roads. By doing this, you can invade people way faster. And that's a good thing, because you can place your old people there! Like this one. With the big arena's, you can invite people that you want to be "friends" to watch the show. Gaining you more followers! YAY what a cute lion! A side note with that is, let the crowds choose the warrior's fate! Mauhahah! By doing this the people will like you. The next step is to make some pretty looking baths. This one looks nice! By making huge baths, everyone from your town can relax and enjoy the hot springs, making everyone love you! Make sure that the men and the women have separate changing rooms, warm rooms, hot rooms and cool rooms. This way, the men and the women can gossip about each other. Make sure that you make the tickets free. Therefor you can have everyone come to the games. But make sure you promote gambling so either way you can make money. Oh, and don't forget to put a lion or some other animal in to kill the criminals! The first rule to maintaining Roman rule, is not getting a crazy wife! The Romans really thought that it was "super cool" to have lots of rooms where they can "chill out" in. Yup, she's evil! Also, don't marry someone that already has a son because your wife will kill you to give her son the throne. Second, make sure you make your army give an oath to you and not their general. Yeah, we're pretty awesome! Don't lie! so many rooms so little time! First, make sure that you pay your soldiers. They like money just as much as you do! With that, make sure you pay for their armor, or else you will have a bunch of poor people around your city doing nothing. And then they will kill you. You want to have a huge army to protect you, so make a deal with the foreigners in Rome, that if they join the army, not only will they get lots of victory, but in 16 years, they can be a citizen of Rome. Also, make sure that you have a well organized army, so when someone attacks you, you can win easily. Next make sure that you make friends with your senate! A side note, don't try and fight the Germans in a forest, they will defeat you and kill almost everyone. Also make sure that more than half your soldiers are Roman, ensuring the non-Roman people don't rebel and attack you. You're awesome! No! You're awesome! A side note: also make sure you keep your citizens happy too! Another side note: Don't let your horse have any power, the Senate will think you're crazy and they will kill you! Make sure that you don't do anything stupid like "getting funky with their wives" they will kill you or exile you then kill you! My last saying to anybody that wants to rule the world: Rome style IS DO NOT DO ANYTHING STUPID! This includes: marrying crazy people, making people hate you, making your horse a Senator, or getting a really weird disease! That's it for today folks, see you next time on my new topic: The Idiot's Guide to Making you cool!
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