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Arabic Presentation

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Reham ElDidi

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of Arabic Presentation

The Case of the Animals versus Man Before the King of the Jinn

Ikhwan al Safa :Brethren of Purity-mysterious group of Muslim philosophers

Basra, Iraq during the 10th Century, most works produced under the Abbasid rule

Neoplatonic and followed Greek methods

Met on a fixed schedule-three evening per month and each gathering had a specific agenda

Ranked themselves into four categories by traits and age

Craftsmen-had to be at least 15 years of age, compassionate

Political Leaders- had to be at least 30 years of age, persuasive

Kings- had to be at least 40 years of age, noble

Prophets and Philosophers- the final and highest rank of the Brethren; at least 50 years old

Collection of 52 epistles called Rasa’il al Safa’ (Encyclopedia of the Brethren of Purity)
-Three parts: mathematics, natural sciences, psychology
-Epistles about daulatu ahl alkhairi and daulatu ahl alsharri (the people
of good and the people of evil)

Real knowledge is through reasoning, senses, and separating the soul from the body

Used fictional narratives and fables to bring into light ethical issues
-Story of prince that leaves his wedding drunk and confuses bride for a

Humans believe that they are superior to others
Humans try to exploit each other through cleverness
We should all value our various indviualities and not try to enforce our ways on others

A major literary work by George Orwell
Animal Farm was published in 1945
Discusses event that lead up to WWII

Human cruelty to animal and mankind
Corrupt judges
Slavery and wealth inequality
Human greed that leads to tyranny and ruthlessness Refrences


Reham El-Didi 23358
Siham El-Jamil 36092
Reem Fakhri 37361 MORALS INFLUENCE SIMILARITIES Rasa’il al Safa’ HISTORY HISTORY King of spirits : Wise, intelligent and decisive
Humans : Arrogant, greedy and selfish
Animals : Persistent ,determined and smart

CHARECTERS An island that belongs to the king of spirits that lies on the green sea .
Shipwreck that leaves human stranded on that island
Human mistreatment causes animals to rebel
Humans and animals present their case to the king
The kings ruling

SUMMARY It contains moral values that should be taken into consideration in our every day lives :
Treating everyone equally and giving everyone equal rights regardless of their differing statuses.
Promotes peace among all living things and advocates that humans and animals are needed in this world.
It also supports the idea that you should be persistent in something you believe in.
The story is very short and does not explain the roles of the different animals and how they manage to convince the king in to supporting them .
Humans play a brief role with one or two comments here and there .
It doesn’t fully explain who or what the king is as is refers to him having qualities that resemble that of the djinn.
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