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ancient rome

No description

justo cropper

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of ancient rome

ancient rome geography rome was founded by a man
named romulis. romulis deafeted remous and romulis
founded the city state of rome. romulis and remus were put in a basket and the
put in a river then a she wolf found them and raised
them. rome was surrounded
by a river called the
tiber river. THE POOR GET MORE POWERFUL tribune- the top officials
of the plebians assembly were called tribunes. plebians are the common people of rome the republic is a government
in which citizens have the
right to vote and elect officials. the top officials of the plebians assembly were called tribunes. the plebians wanted a written law code and in 450 b.c.e the government made the first written law code in the republic. origins of rome one myth was written by a roman poet named virgil, he claims that a trojan worrior escaped from troy when they they were beaten by the greeks. he traveled to latinum there he met a latin prince and married her. ` the senate was the second in the roman government , it was kind of like a oligarchy. they advised councils, controled finances and passed laws. the romen republic the assembly was the biggest out of all the stuff there was in the republic. the tribunes was ruled by some plebians. GROWTH OF THE REPUBLIC Tactics- a tactic is a method used to acheive a short-term goal, such as winning a battle. scopio was a worrior of rome that defeated a guy named hannable who was a worrior that brought elephants from africa to his home town. and he tried to defeat rome but then scopio came along and killed hanable rome had a proficianal military that was nearly undisrtuctable. punic war
the cartilage the first punic war was in 264 b.c.e which the romans tried to take over a little island that belonged to the carthillage. a roman legion was a big army that army had about 8000 or 6000 men somtimes.
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