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Popular Jazz Musicians Of The 1930's

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Keia Griffin

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Popular Jazz Musicians Of The 1930's

By: Alaysha Edwards and Keia Griffin Popular Jazz/Swing Musicians Of The 1930's Lillian Armstrong Known as Lil Hardin played the piano, composed, and arranged for most of the Hot Bands of New Orleans.
Learned about music by working at a music store.
She was invited to play at an Orchestra Band and soon joined King Oliver's Creole Band where she met Louis Armstrong in 1921.
They married in 1924.
After continuing her career by appearing in broadway shows she became known as a swing vocalists.
One of her most famous songs was called New Orleans Wanders. Louis "Satchmo"Armstrong Louis Armstrong was known as one of the greatest jazz musicians of all times.
He became interested in instruments at age 14 when he learned how to play the cornet.
In 1931 he went to Chicago and assembled his own band, but later joined King Oliver's Creole Band.
He had two wives after marrying his second wife Lillian Hardin.
He mostly played the trumpet and went to England in 1932 to become a great success.
For the next 3 years he was almost always on the road touring in Europe.
His most popular songs were I Got Rhythm and Star Dust. Billie Holiday Duke Ellington He is a gifted piano player and didn't consider himself a musician, but a composer.
He became the leader of a group called The Whashingtonians when he was young. They recorded their first song in 1924.
They became famous across America for songs like Rainy Nights and Choo Choo and played mostly in the Cotton Club.
Duke Ellington later wrote a song called Mood Indigo and left the Cotton Club in 1931 to tour Europe and the U.S.
His Song It Don't Mean A Thing(If It Ain't Got That Swing) came to define the swing era.
Chick Webb Born William Henry Webb, he became one of the most competitive drummers and greatest band leaders of the 1930's.
He used custom made pedals,goose-neck cymbal holders, 28-inch base drums, and a variety of other percussion instruments.
He could not read music, so he memorized it all.
Webb moved to New York and led his band in clubs in 1931.
In 1935 he hired Ella Fitzgerald, became her legal guardian, and rebuilt his entire show around her.
By the time of 1938 he recorded a big hit called A Tisket-A- Tasket.
He continued to make hits such as Liza and T'Aint What You Do until he died in 1939. Born Eleanora Fagan and grew up in Baltimore.
As a teenager she sang along with records by Bessie Smith and Louis Armstrong.
Eleanora moved to Harlem with her mother and began singing in nightclubs. She was soon known as Billie Holiday.
At age 18 she got a record deal as part of a studio group that was lead by Benny Goodman.
In 1935 she recorded hits such as What A Little Moonlight Can Do and Miss Brown To You.
She Then got a recording contract of her own.
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