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Jordan Wintle

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of ICT in PE

Aim: Discover ways
to implement 21st century ICT
Practical Session
Educreations / Explain Everything/Show me
Screencasting app
to evidence work
-Evidence work, Voiceover, Video, Text
-Targets VAK learners
4. Fitness Pro is the easiest and clearest free fitness app available. It includes 450+ exercises photo's with reference, photo's of real people (no drawings), a search option for fast finding your exercise, the possibility to create your own workout schemes and various build-in routines to get you started.

The simple and easy logging makes it great for pupils as young as year seven to understand the importance of sets & reps.

Muscle 3D iMuscle is a sophisticated workout aid that can be taken anywhere. Use it to identify a body part or individual muscle by zooming into a 3-Dimensional human body with the musculature exposed. It is two fold because it can be used for both anatomy and fitness.
PE Example: Theory, fitness, btec coursework
6. EasyTag Start the timer at the beginning of the game then a fully customizable tagging panel is used to time-stamp the key performance indicators of your sport and display instant statistics of their frequencies. EasyTag creates a .csv file which can be further analyzed by spreadsheet software or tagged events can be related to a video recording by import into Dartfish video analysis software.
PE Example: Any activity!
7. Bleep Test Pro, Step test and 12 minute run test
Using QR code readers for orienteering
The first and still most popular iPhone/iPod Bleep Test application has been updated and enhanced following feedback from fitness professionals. This means that it remains the most fully featured and complete app in its class.

The Bleep Test, Beep Test, Shuttle Run, Pacer Test or Multistage Fitness Test is designed to push your stamina and endurance to the limit in order to determine your true level of fitness.

Key features:
- Test multiple participants simultaneously, either ad hoc groups or pre-configured Teams.
- Calculates your VO2max and METs based on your performance.
- Team and individual target scores.
The 3 Minute Step Test or Queens College Step test is one of many variations of step test procedures, used to determine aerobic fitness. The test is an easy to administer sub-maximal test of cardiovascular endurance. The user then enters their HR and this information is then used to determine your level of aerobic fitness and a predicted V02max. The theory is that the lower your heart rate on completion of activity, the higher your aerobic fitness base
The 12 Minute Run or Coopers Test is the benchmark test of physical fitness. It was designed in 1968 for US military use. In the original form, the point of the test is to run as far as possible within 12 minutes. which is used to determine the amount of oxygen an individual can transport and utilise during exercise, which reflects the fitness of an individual.

How it works
✓Simply Enter Your Age and Sex
✓Press the Start Test Button and await the Countdown
✓Commence steady running for 12 minutes while the GPS tracks your covered distance
✓Observe Results including your rating and predicted V02 Max

QR stands for Quick Response. Basically, they are bar codes that you can read by downloading a simple free app on your smartphone to be able to scan the code, which will then take you to a website. What does that mean for educators? There are lots of ways of using QR codes in teaching and the following example shows you how I have used codes for orienteering.

Lesson objective: Construct an orienteering course using QR codes & map symbols

1) For the starter pupils will select some QR codes that I have generated using a website.
2) They then scan them in using QR reader on the iPod touch which brings up a cryptic clue that relates to a map symbol (EG fence, wall etc).
3) Once they have scanned in a number of codes it will give them a list of possible locations(EG one QR code maybe a building, or fence or wall etc).
4. Looking at their map they then choose which walls or buildings or fences etc that they want as their course.
5. Go and photograph using the iPod touch 10 places relating to their map symbols.
No matter how old or traditional the content is we are delivering, there is always a 21st century way of presenting it to students...
One aim today: Discover ways to include 21st century technology in your teaching

- How can you include technology in simple but effective ways?

- What are you doing to ensure your teaching is 'OFSTED Outstanding'

Rapid and sustained progress?
Well judged & imaginative strategies?
ICT, Literacy & numeracy exceptional?
Appropriate & regular HWK?
Consistently HQ feedback?

Blooms Taxonomy is a structure that allows different levels of engagement and learning.
Higher order thinking skills allow pupils to be more creative and independent (pupils centered learning)
Lower ones are more basic learning styles and involve more teacher centered approaches to learning .
All of the web 2.0 tools, twitter, blogging and handheld learning target the HOT’s

The models here include basic Blooms, by App and PE model
Underpins all you will see today!!!
The # symbol, called a hashtag, has become popular across the globe. The hashtag is used to mark keyword or topic in a Tweet and any Twitter user can categorize or follow topics with hashtags.Those hashtags mean something and are a great way to get a tweet to appear in search results or discussion monitoring.
2) Search education and technology hashtags

#edtech – a very wide range of tweets relating to the use of technology in education
#edchat – Education, worldwide (lots of US teachers). A really useful hashtag if you are interested in tweeting with a wide range of educators worldwide.
#ukedchat – UK Education
#elearning – eLearning topics
#mlearning – the use of mobile technologies
#slide2learn – iDevices and learning
#vitalcpd – effective use of technology in the classroom
Twitter in the Classroom:
# a homework
# questions
# research a topic
Comic life
Using QR code readers in PE
Excellent, Visual A4L strategy
Use as a starter task to gauge learning
Use as Plenary to test learning
Great for showing progress
This is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage our classrooms through various educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets.
Teachers login through their device and select an activity which controls the flow of questions and games. Students simply login with their device and interact real time with the content.
Comic Life lets you create astounding comics

Beautiful picture albums, how-tos... and more

Get students to create comics based on lesson content

A great visual representation of Knowledge

Easier to remember a visual graphic containing key information

Sequencing promotes understanding

Facilitates higher order thinking skills.
2 x 20 minute sessions from us
-Video delay as an AfL tool
-Fitness using apps

Followed by:
- Examples from you
-10-20 minute session integrating some technology to enhance learning.

1) Search for key PE topics especially technology (like this)

3) Find people to follow

Phil Barrett @HHLinPhysEd
Ben Leonard @PEeducator
Jarrod Robinson @thepegeek
The PE Geeks @PEgeeks
Dan Ellerby @PEexpert
PE Scholar @PEScholar
Daniel Edwards @syded06
Lee Garrett @LeeG4rr3tt
Mark Kerr @eezipezi
David Fawcett @davidfawcett27
Alec Bowden @mrBpeteacher
Nicholas Stratigopz @GraciousWolf_PE
Jon Tait @TeamTait
Mr Atkins Angmering @MrAtkinsPE
Peter Green @peter8green
Ross Wickens @MrWickensPE
-Evidence work, Voiceover, Video, Text
-Targets VAK learners
- Btec practical sport assessed this way
-Centrally stored safely on website
Quick Response Codes
Create your own http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ or www.qrstuff.com

Link them to websites
Link them to Videos
Link them to Text
Independent/pupil centred learningLearning
Use a QR code to link to an example of outstanding work or use on display boards for students to interact with.
3. Creative apps
1.PE Apps
Sports Psychology Lesson Example
Apps are downloadable 'programs' on a handheld device that can support mobile learning.

You can implement just one iPad in your classes to use these effectively
Simple to use video analysis tools for iPhone or iPad that allows you to record, review, add your expert view to the video with the help of still shots or drawings and share on-the-spot
iMuscle app
1. GCSE PE App
Productivity or work apps are downloadable apps that promote blooms HOT's.

Add another dimension to your lessons

Create your own blog site to use in lessons.

- Class based resource hub
- Reflections and homework tasks
- Share resources

Examples of sites that you can do this on include Wordpress, Weebly, WikiSpaces

- Privacy controls available & 100% safe
- All free which has its benefits!
- Similar but better than a VLE (Frog/Moodle etc)
Blog Sites
Lecture (here/now)

- Introduction
- ICT in the national curriculum/reforms
- Handheld learning (PE apps, Creative apps)
- Web based emerging technology
- What the research says....

Practical (1615 - 1815)

- Practical/practice using tech in PE
- You feeding back with what you have found/created
Task: Take the 14 day Twitter challenge!
Create research walls for tasks for collaboration.

Use to summarise learning in a plenary or homework task in practical lessons.

Link documents, web links, youtube clips
Theory class homeworks, instantly appear on the board or iPad @ lesson start
Surveymonkey is a free online 10 question survey tool
Create core PE homework quizzes
Great for revision/exam courses
Create the survey, pupils complete it, you can see who has completed the work.
Put responses on the board at the start of the lesson or print out each students responses!
Mark together reduces your marking time!
Pic Collage allows you to create picture collages of anything.

Examples for PE:
Evidencing Btec coursework, pupils can instantly make their own up, save them, export them or airprint (wifi)
A) As a PLN for you
In your teaching
Set up a class account

PE department accounts

Ways to use it in class
Introducing new vocabulary in an engaging way is one of the greatest challenges for language teachers. Remembering vocabulary is arguably the greatest challenge for language learners.

Wordfoto is an iPhone and iPod app that allows you turn any photograph into a mosaic made up of chosen words, which can then be used to reinforce vocabulary.
ICT & The New National Curriculum
Suggested reading:

Pupils make their own apps
: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-16186705

Draft curriculum article:

Education.gov consultation:

RAENG findings:

BETT 2013 Presentations:
New national curriculum from September 2014 our teaching must:

Prepare pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life
Analyse their performances compared to previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best - KS3
Evaluate their performances compared to previous ones and demonstrate improvement across a range of physical activities to achieve their personal best - kS4

Intro & Starter
Are you this?????
Or this?
Student task #1
Scan QR code 1 and post an example of your experiences involving ICt in PE
Student task #2
Plan a lesson using the lesson plan template on your table/in your hand out

Think of current practices you use?

Examples you use?

Methods you use?

Quick Response Codes
Create your own http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ or www.qrstuff.com

Link them to websites
Link them to Videos
Link them to Text
Independent/pupil centred learningLearning
Use a QR code to link to an example of outstanding work or use on display boards for students to interact with.
Orienteering & OAA
Student task
Now you have seen a selection of ICT what do you see as...
Benefits ???
Barriers ???
Anatomy Lesson Example
GCSE PE Lesson
Speed Muscle Starter
Biodigital Human
Complete coursework via edmodo
Quizlet or Surveymonkey quiz
2. Edexcel Past Paper app
3.Notes into evernote
2. Web 2.0
Web 2.0 tools are websites that allow for collaboration and interaction

They promote the Blooms HOT thinking skills
A giant pinboard for all your ideas
Pin homeworks, lesson resources, pupils can find links and comment on them.

Paperless classroom

Submit work & feedback via audio

Brilliant for btec

Student task 2: See the diagram on your handout
what apps have you seen/used before?

If you are 'yes' to YELLOW BLUE OR PURPLE

Why? Promotes higher order thinking that
can directly impact progress and your
ability of delivering grade 1 - 2 lessons
Questions today?

Tweet @jordanwintleUOG or use the hashtag #SP5201

GPS Tracking
Students track runs/cycles around school site using GPS App like Strava.
- Who can run furthest in a set time?
- Who can run 1km in the quickest time?
-Set up segments create leaderboards
Research on Ed Tech
-We must plan for tech use and not use it as a gimmick
-Does it enhance the learning?
-Excellent AfL tool when used appropriately
-65% of all learning is through visual pathways
-Child protection issues - data storage
-Teacher competence/confidence varies massively
-Motivational effect on learners
_ Over 90% of teachers in one study support use of ICT in PE (Thomas & Stratton, 2006)
-Looking for improved learning rather than

The Use of Technology
to Enhance Learning
in Physical Education

SP5201 - Teaching and Learning; Young People, Schools and Physical Education
Blog question will be given in the practical session

Practical Resources

EG: Football

EG: Gymnastics
PE Professional Research Network

Weekly blog summarising key research in an easy to read manner.
20 page study into a 1 page summary.
Share quiz codes online to save
making your own
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