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kate tancinco

on 31 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Kapitan Tiago left the room to go to Pia. While Damaso was left inside that room, a very loud thunder crackled from outside and he fell to his knees to pray. He prayed for Pia's safety and he prayed that he be given the strength to accept the consequences of his wrong doings and that he is willing to accept his responsibility as the father of Pia's child. He prayed on until he realized that Pacing was also in the room...
Dalawang Ama
by: Jose Victor Torres
Jose Victor Torres
Jose Victor Torres is a Filipino playwright, essayist and historian. He is a passionate writer and he is famous for his historical plays.
He started writing his own play when he was 13 year old.
It was held at Metropolitan Theater on 1987.
Today, Jose Victor Torres is a senior historical researcher at Intramuros Administration.

Kapitan Tiago kept wondering why Pia kept shouting "Ay, patawad! Panginoon ko! Sumpa ng Diyos!" but despite his confusion, he thanked Padre Damaso for suggesting that he and Pia should dance infront of Santa Clara sa Obando
Kapitan Tiago told Padre Damaso of how Pia would more often than not be found kneeling and praying to the saints while she was carrying the baby and how sad she had been all through out her pregnancy. He also tells Padre Damaso of the letter that Pia had instructed him to give to Damaso after giving birth.
Eventually, after much struggle, the baby came out; a life for a life because Pia died when the baby came out.
His great talent lead him to his first major play titled Sitio.
He is also a member of the faculty in University of Santo Tomas or UST and an adviser of the school's official theater group.
“Dalawang Ama” is a play that dwells on the “what if” theme. The story revolves around the day (or night as the play has portrayed it) Doña Pia of the famed Noli Me Tangere gave birth to her daughter Maria Clara. The play attempts to answer the question: what if we could be able to see this part not explicitly written in the Noli?
The short play is beautiful in the sense that it gave us a glimpse into a gray area of the Noli, a part in the novel which Jose Rizal chose not to detail.
Padre Damaso - 40 anyos.
Isang prayleng Pransiskano.
Kapitan Tiago - 35 anyos.
Isang mayamang mestizong Instik
Pacing - 45 anyos.
Pinsan at katulong sa bahay ni
Kapitan Tiago
Donya Pia - 32 anyos.
Asawa ni Kapitan Tiago.
1. Padre Damaso arrives thinking that the child was already born but to his dismay he found out that tha baby was still in Pia's womb for she was having trouble with pushing the baby out
1. Donia Pia's immorality
knowing that Donia Pia is already married to Tiago for 6 years, she should not have done a sexual act with Padre Damaso
2. Padre Damaso's human nature
occurence of weaknesss of his flesh especially when he was with Donia Pia
3. Donia Pia hides the truth about the baby's real father
* Social Responsibilities
* Faithfulness
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