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Co-design and Co-production

No description

Melanie Saballa

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of Co-design and Co-production

Co-design and Co-production
Conference overview
definition and process
ACT examples
policy considerations
A definition
citizen-centred government
process initiated earliest possible point in process
collaborative effort
service integration
Co-production- participation of users in implementation
Co-implementation of services & programs
Co-evaluation- work with stakeholders to develop methods & indicators
Participative methodologies
design of people services
community development
building community capacity
renegotiation of terms of citizen involvement from 'remote advisory' to 'intimate participative'.
Language of values- e.g. trust; people as assets; mutuality; reciprocity.
Co-design process
Inspiration- from problems to opportunities
Ideation- generating, developing and testing ideas
Divergent thinking (core of innovation)
Design is a culture that blends the concerns of science and the humanities to search for outcomes that are balanced and opportunistic, grounded in the real world but driven by human aspirations.
Service system reform
DHS VIC- Service innovations
Individualized service packages
Neighborhood Renewal packages (strengthening communities)
NSW PM&C- future service delivery
Establishing a Service NSW Entity
Single 24/7 NSW Gov phone service
Customer friendly web portal
One stop shop- multiple transactions
Mobile apps- real time info.
Customer Service Commissioner
Building community capacity... some examples
NSW- Building Stronger Communities
Mt Druitt & Macquarie Fields (disadvantaged social housing communities)
Engagement methods- 'any time. any place, any means' street meeting
Governance boards
Designing Out Crime - partnership with University of Technology
Transitional planning & sustainability strategies
Golden Plains Shire Community Planning
Planning for communities by communities- 'Owning the Plan'
Informed local communities are best at identifying & resolving local issues
Partnerships key to complete projects
Community champions & coordinators
Think & act as citizens (rather than rate payers)
Local communities- control of destiny & projects of importance (unique character & culture of different towns)
Gov 2.0
Delib - digital democracy company
Fundamental shift in the relationship between citizens & governments, to the benefit of both.
Gov 2.0 for co-design
Information provision
Platform for communities
Consultation/ collaboration
Community empowerment
Rapid prototyping

Doesn't replace existing approaches... can supplement & amplify them.
Doesn't work for all audiences on all issues.. but does work for some that are otherwise unreachable/ intractable.
Gov 2.0 doesn't solve problems....people do.
Gov 2.0 caveats
VIC Health- Better Health Channel
rise of connected health consumer
digital community engagement
new modes delivery
interactive sites
idea generation testing
personalised secure dashboards into your 'health life'
active health management and prevention tools
Content is king
Context is queen
Reach, relevance & resonance
Dept. Justice VIC
Problem Gambling - website
Information platform
Online- email & live chat (mediated)
Drawing on collective strength & wisdom to manage problem gambling
Less than 10% problem gamblers seek help
Social media not a good fit for tertiary interventions
Strategic policy
SA Strategic Plan
Co-creation in development & co-production in implementation
Community Engagement Board
Alliance Members - across sectors/ community profile
Process with community
Integrated platforms
Range of tools- strong on-line presence
ACT context
Vulnerable Families project
Throughcare for Offenders- policy development process
TBL- sound policy development practice/ early engagement
Gov 2.0 (over to Mick)
Others ...........

and to conclude......
The late Peter Drucker in 1993 told us that "Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a a few short decades, society rearranges itself, its world view, its basic values, its social and political structures, its arts and its key institutions..."

Fifty years later, there is a new world.... we are currently living through such a transformation."
Thank you

Presentations at:

Social Policy/Co- design 2012
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