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Attila the Hun

Boss just boss best thing ever

Brock Waldrop

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Attila the Hun

No one doesn't know when he was born so the best I could come up with is his reign. Attila the Hun Attila the Hun Attila's treaty with Rome Rome made a foe-derati with Attila which made them "close"
A few years later, Attila forgot about the treaty and went off on some of border cities.
Then after Attila destroyed some of Rome's armies they realized they have been betrayed Fight for West!! Attila's death!!
He died from a nose bleed
*SMH* He was one of the most feared power-hungry man in the world That lasted for 13 years 434 to 453. Valentinian was on good terms with Attila and the Huns Then his Sis wanted to excape marriage
So she asked ATTILA to marry her!! She really didn't want to get married :( At this time we all know Attila is a smart guy so in order to marry her he would have to get some land in the west :b Then some people could believe that and came up with stuff like: He died from esphogeal varices
or he died from the hands of his wive
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