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Prezume - Marcell Tóth

Do it bright!

Marcell Toth

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Prezume - Marcell Tóth

Marcell Tóth
My future goals...
Professional Adventures
Would you like to have fun with me?
Would you like to work with me?
Education that inspired me...
+3670 7712983
Work in an innovative, customer-oriented company.
GE Capital – Budapest Bank
Károlyi Mihány Spanish Bilingual High School
Do you love stories?
Just let me tell you quite a great one...
Corvinus University of Budapest
BSc in Commerce and Marketing
Nominated for "Best Thesis"
The role of smartphones and tablets in the marketing strategy of financial institutions

GPA: 4.4
MSc in Business Development
Continuous self improvement with the latest technology
curiosity together with optimism, fun, and a sense of purpose...
which begins with...
MSc in Business Innovation and Technology Management – Exchange semester
iTunes U - Coursera - Udemy - Stanford's online courses - TED
Intel Corporation
Marketing, Product and Business Development Intern, Project Assistant
• Analyzed market data and presented findings and recommendations
Facilitated and developed the bank’s main project
Created and designed own projects and products related to smartphones and online banking
Sales & Marketing Intern (Enterprise and Retail)
Summarized and analyzed market data, prepared quarterly business reviews in EMEA
Supported sales team in enterprise and retail channels
Accelerated and energized Intel’s CRM and internal social media tools
When I work...
I am a creative and entrepreneurial networker.
I am an effective and solution minded project coordinator.
I can look outside the traditional boundaries.
I successfully inspire and motivate others.
I am able to synthesize and communicate my big-picture conclusions.
University of Gerona, Spain
Committed to creating new things...
Love discovering new places...
Love extreme sports...
What is more?
I am a tutor of Spanish as a second language
5 years
Created my own Spanish language and culture blog
(private and language school experience)
Utilize my business skills and out-of-the box thinking as an asset of the firm.
Contribute to the success of numerous projects and inspire other people.
Get in touch
>1000 relevant fans in a few months
developed and designed customized tabs
organized events, gatherings and marketing campaigns
recorded, edited, published video interviews with native speakers
planning to expand the blog and develop a customer-centric, but revenue-oriented web page
Specialized in International Marketing
Warsaw Negotiation Round
(4th place out of 12 global teams)
Munich, Germany
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