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P9-Tanner Helgeson

No description

Know Strength

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of P9-Tanner Helgeson

Here you will learn facts about Mesopotamia Mesopotamia Facts and other stuff Mesopotamia The mesopotamians invented many of our
basic tools like the wheel, money, writing and many more. Many of our inventions come from their basic inventions like cars and our money system. Inventions Gilgamesh was the superhero of mesopotamia. He was two thirds god and was the first king of mesopotamia to their belief. Gilgamesh A ziggurat is also know as a temple.

If you were in a ziggurat you would see a protective wall and over that you would probably see many farmers and domesticated animals.

A ziggurat's main purpose was to act as a temple or as many know now, a church Ziggurat Picture of a Ziggurat Only the priest
could be at this
part of the ziggurat Not these superheros,
Gilgamesh! There were four classes at mesopotamia, here they are
The priest was the doctor, ruler and cop all at the same time. They were also the only person to get to go at the top level of a ziggurat.
The upper class was rich and wore jewelry mainly made of valuable materials. Men had long curly mustaches long beards and wore skirts.
The lower class was the workers that got paid. The harder they worked the more money they made as well.
The lowest and worst class was the slave.
They usually were obtained from getting captured when their town was raided.
Four classes
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