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ella enchanted

a preview of the book and how good people think it is

Grace Cogley

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of ella enchanted

"How could a fairy's blessing be such a curse?" Ella Enchanted Ella Ella Ella likes going on adventures and quests. Ella also
likes meeting new people.

" Instead of making me docile, Lucinda's
curse made a rebel of me." Hattie Finishing School Elves The weird creature she meets on her journeys. Why You Should Read This Book!!! Comments:
"A thoroughly enchanting novel that deepens and enriches the original tale."
-School Library Journal
"As finely designed as a tapestry, with a heroine so spirited that she wins reader's hearts."
-ALA Booklist
"Plenty of humorous twists and a spunky, intelligent female lead."
-Kirkus Review " 'This maiden is naturally obedient' "
" 'My gift is obedience.' "
"I crept through the sleeping house as silently as a needle through lace."
"My nature was not so forgiving." "Finishing School was an ordinary wooden house." Elves (in Ella's perspective): "Green teeth, as tall as a human, mossy hair, greenish skin, that describes the elf I saw." "A giant couln't have eaten half a deer leg plus a huge mound of wild rice, and eight of
the fifty quail eggs, and come back for dessert. But
Hattie could."

"That must have cost you a trunkful of KJ's" "I had little pleasure from the society at finishing school." By: Gail Carson Levine Prezi By: Mia Puletti-Ella
Grace Cogley- Hattie
Zykia Nibblins- Finishing School
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