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795E The Asian TIMS "All About Me"

Practice Prezi

Tahmina Khan

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of 795E The Asian TIMS "All About Me"

I LOVE One Direction and their MUsic! I was born on April 3rd
I want twenty-nine kids in the future named : Mark, Kyle, Gerold, Samantha, Kevin, Alex,Ysgmore, Bill, Steven, Nick, David, Olfric, Billy, Billy, Billy, Danny, Lena, Maria, Sumaita, Caroline,YendryYsmir, Steve, Brianna, Andrea, Rebecca, Edgar, Eryck, and Eric. ... small I'm a girl who likes things my ways. Not really stubborn like you would first guess but just more independent. :) I love to shop. My favorite restaurant is Le Cordon Bleu. Its by 96 street and Jamaica avenue. My other favorite restaurant is Maurya. It is by Rego Park. I love both of them Hi am Tahmina. I am a Desi girl. That means I come from Bangladesh. I love the color purple and I love flowers. Here is the official flag of Bangladesh after it got its independence from Pakistan. In my spare time, I like to help my little sister do her homework or help her read, because she is in Kindergarden. Le Cordon Bleu Variety of colors I love Flowers :) All About Me
Tahmina This is one of my favorite song Here is one more of my favorite song Something to Dance For by Zendaya Mirror by Jason Chen and Bruno Mars Raps All About Me
Sumaita I try to make the best out of every situation....and I am fond of the Mexican culture. A Few Facts I was born on May 7th, Whmsical and lopsided are two of my favorite words.
My favorite color is red Music Is My Life This is only one out of the many songs I love. All About Me
Mark I am half Russian and half Korean
My favorite color is orange
I love to swim :) What can I say, I have a passion for fashion! I consider myself lucky because of the fact that I was born on March 17 air go St. Patrick's Day! =) Wherever I go! All About Me!
Isha =) Although I do try live life with as much fun and excitement as I possibly can, I know when it's time to stop and that's the point in life where my education kicks in. I work hard and try to do the best that I can to succeed. :) A thing that I think by now everybody knows about me is that I'm a bad speller.
Precisely the reason why i don't attend nor' favor Spelling Bees. Hey! Enough About Me
let's go to Mark.
Everybody needs their turns. :) Enough about me,
lets got to Sumaita I LOVE to READ!

Although my spelling
may be bad, it's a wonder
how i read a lot and it still
doesn't enhance! Good Bye! =) Enough about me,
let's go to Isha.
Don't wanna keep her waiting =| Enough about me, although there's so much more to learn *_* let's go to Sumaita I wish to be a Russian spy... :) I HATE Jacob from twilight
But LOVE Edward!
(sorry to all those Jacob fans
cough cough Pashawna )
=D I personally just ADORE
Mokeys! They are so cute! I like to play Minecraft (Yup...aren't you lucky)
-_* And from One Direction

And guess what?! We both have the same last names.
Go Figure! <3
My top three favorite colors are Purple, Blue, and Pink

I HATE the color orange and don't ask me why. My Feelings towards a few colors Isn't he such a cutie?! And don't hesitate to come back again!
Because Remember...
We Love You
Yes... Come and Check us out!
:} Liam Nial Louis Zayn Harry YOU :}
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