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Here is my online portfolio! Welcome to check out my works by hitting Next Step. The whole picture will be shown at the end of the presentation and you can access each part randomly. Enjoy!

Stealann Young

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Portfolio


Life In Shadows
The Round Table Game
Yue Yang
Work In GREE, Inc.
= Indie Game Demo Ghostech =
= Conceptual Art & Illustration for Ghostech =
= Social Game Kingdom Of Pirates Columbus =
= Game Planning The Round Table Game =
= Indie Game Demo Life In Shadows =
the story happens in a futu-
-re world where cyber technolo-
-gy is highly developed. However, the Earth was nearly destroyed by industrial pollution. The creatures that grew in the polluted environ-
-ment mutated, and a fatal virus that tints the host int a red color was threatening the existence of the human race. Under these circ-
-umstances, humans hided into fo-
-tress they built with steel and iron, and forged artificial organs
to survive from infection.
Conceptual Design &
Illustration of Ghostech
The main character of the game, “Ghost”, is one of the subjects of an experi-
-ment on producing the third generation of robots. Due to the destruction of
the food chain, people who have survived are reforming themselves into robots. In the third generation, the robots have no stable form. They are composed of millions of nanobots which are called “Ghostbugs”. Ghostbugs connect with
each other through mechanisms, as hive minds do. The behavior of the
x N =
ghost is formed by cloud computing amongst the ghostbugs. These ghostbugs can hack into any kind of cyber machines, activate
and drive them as long as its power remains. The ghostbugs
also charge up automatically inside the machine it
attaches to, in order to maintain their 3
seconds of life after leaving
one machine.
The girl had been infected by the virus long before the beginning of the game; however, she was found awake in the
darkness and became a living
host for the virus. It was actua-
-lly the virus that kept the girl alive and drives the creatures it infects: Every living thing she touches with her hands will get infected and behaves complying with her will. From the girl, the scientists got the hint of making the third generation of robots. Like the ghost, the girl also
needs energy to sustain her life, the energy that is absorbed from light and water. If she starves, her body will crack and
this could be fatal. Unlike the ghost, the virus cannot live without the girl’s body and can only spread itself
while still inside her body.
garbage. Yet somehow he survi-
-ved by attaching to other aban-
-doned robots. After struggling to survive, he managed to find a stable "body". On his way out of the fort, he coincidentally found the girl locked up in an experiment container. He was so curious about who the girl was, and so they began to communicate. The girl persuaded the ghost to take her out of the fort. During the
adventure of escaping from the fort, due to the similarities they shared that was their powers, they found good friends and part-
-ners in one another. Finally, they managed to escape the fort, yet must finally separate since the worlds that they belong
to are too far away from each other.
Since he couldn't live independently for too long, the
"ghost" was considered as a failed piece of work, and abandoned as
I work as a technical artist
(TA)in GREE, Inc. since this april. Different from the TA in other companies, my job includes the entire front-end designing and programming (using flash). Here
is the work I have recently accomplished.
Kingdom of pirates Columbus is a card-collecting social game based on web page whose revenue is about 5 million dollars per month. In the GVG sub-system of the game, there is a web page containing the situation of the battle and buttons for all kinds of
commands. When players triggers any commands,
the game jumps to the battle
scene you see here.
This is originally a script I wrote for one assignment of my entertainment design curriculum. This video is just to convey the basic concept of the idea and the contents within it are all gathered on the Internet. With the Play Online Environment today, I wish to accomplish the game in the
future. You can find the game system design of the game here:

This is a game I made in Global Game Jam 2011 Japan with 5 other members in 48 hours. The player will control the avatar to skirt around the rays and reach the goal to accomplish the game. I was in charge of the
planning, level design, 2D
graphics and Animation.
This game demo was made last year when I was a student. I am still working on the conceptual design as well as doing some experiments for the new functions of Unity with it when
I can spare some time.
Here are some conceptual design and illustration I made for "Ghostech", depicting the game world, characters and the story.
Life In the forts went on for decades, until one day when they even forgot what
nature used to be like.
Pirates Kingdom Columbus
The Round Table Game
Life In Shadows
You can download the
720p videos and illustrations
in real size in the presentation from here:
Ghost Bug
with unity3.5.5
with Unity3.4.1
with LWF & JS
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