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The Refugee Road Map

No description

Brenda Oleskiw

on 28 April 2017

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Transcript of The Refugee Road Map

Definition of Integration:
The practice of uniting people from different races in an attempt to give people equal rights.
-Merriam-Webster Dictionary
If selected, an interview is scheduled with the Canadian Embassy or Visa Centre who will gather further information to determine if the case is eligible for resettlement. Once an applicant is accepted by the Visa Centre, the CIC Matching Centre in Canada works with agencies in the countries of asylum such as the IOM ( International Organization for Migration) to match and prepare applicants for travel to their final destinations.

Housing Supports
Access to Housing
Access to Housing is the point of access for people who want to apply for subsidized housing in the Hamilton area. Maintaining a centralized waiting list for more than 11,000 units across the City. They work with a network of agencies and housing providers to help find housing. Access to Housing is not a landlord. Access to Housing does not offer housing.

For more information visit:

http://cityhousinghamilton.com/page1.aspx? page=applicants_home&tab=3&menu=1

The Hamilton Housing Help Center
is a non profit social service agency providing housing access,
stabilization, and eviction prevention.
They can help to:
Find and maintain housing
Access subsidized and supportive housing
Understand your tenant rights
Prevent evictions
Conduct maintenance & repairs
For more information visit:
Hamilton Community Legal Clinic

Image 4.

Welcome to Canada!
Upon arrival to Toronto Pearson International Airport, representatives from IRIS, Immigrant Reception and Information Services, (a program funded by CIC) provide reception duties, welcoming and escorting clients directly to Wesley Urban Ministries Reception Centre.

Resettlement Assistance Program
Wesley Urban Ministries
is informed of arrivals approximately 2 weeks prior to, through a Notification of Arrival Transmission (NAT), sent directly from Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Flight information is included so preparation can begin
Medical information is included for any urgent concerns which needs to be addressed immediately

Arrival night at Wesley
Staff are notified by staff at IRIS once clients are enroute
When clients arrive to Wesley's Reception Centre, many times they are greeted by family and friends as well
These initial moments are sometimes very emotional and overwhelming for everyone involved
Of the 7500 Government Assisted Refugees that Canada accepts annually, approximately 300 will be destined for Hamilton

First days in Canada
RAP services are delivered in the first 4-6 weeks post arrival and include:
information and orientation services to better understand life in Canada and empower clients to make informed decisions about their settlement experience
life skills training to provide clients with one to one support with daily activities such as: shopping, banking, transportation etc.
needs assessment and referral activities to increase newcomers’ awareness of their settlement needs and link newcomers to CIC-funded and community settlement services
referrals to language training in English and French, so newcomers have the language skills to function in Canada
support in sourcing and securing permanent accommodation as well as tenant and landlords rights and responsibilities

Client Support Services
Client Support Services speaks to the specialized and complex needs of Government Assisted Refugees through a unique model that provides:
Case Management:
From the initial health screening to the development of personalized settlement plans, CSS Case Workers provide mobile and flexible support that will help clients to transition with ease in the first year of arrival.
Community Capacity Building
: The CSS Program works to strengthen partnerships and engage the broader community. Connecting to the larger network allows for better and more accessible services.
Standardized Professional Support and Program Advancement:
The YMCA of Greater Toronto coordinates this dynamic program ensuring the CSS sites are continually collaborating, improving and moving towards a shared vision of helping Government-Assisted Refugees meet the challenges of a new home.

Wesley Interpretation Services
Wesley Interpretation Services is dedicated to improving access to services for limited and non-English speaking communities through cost-effective, high quality language services.
The following services are available:
On site
By phone
- Consecutive
- Message relay
Translation of documents
Workshops to introduce the effective use of working with interpreters

For more information or to book an interpreter:
Wesley Interpretation Services
52 Catharine Street North, Hamilton ON L8R 1J1 Phone Number: 289.389.8739 ext. 302
Fax: 905.528.9977

Landlord and Tennant Board
The Private Sponsorship Road Map
Follow the footsteps to learn more about how you can support a Privately Sponsored family with integration by connecting them to Community Services and Government Programs.
Education and School Registration
Connecting to Hamilton-Wentworth School Board

When supporting a family new to Canada it is important to remember that it is their "walk" and they are the ones who will decide for themselves and their family which way they want to go.
Providing them with all the information they will need to make the best decision for themselves and their family.

Location of Kakuma and Dadaab in Kenya
Kakuma Refugee Camp
Dadaab Refugee Camp
Image 1.
Image 2.
Image 3.
Image 5.
Image 6.
Image 7.
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Image 1.
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(UNHCR, 2013)
Community Resources
Education and School Registration
Language Assessment and Classes
Government Applications
Additional Community Support
The Hamilton Housing Help Center
Access to Housing
Offers information, advice and representation to low income tenants.
Helps to explain rights and obligations under the law.
Advises when to get help from another service and how to take legal action to deal with issue.
In some cases can represent at tribunal.

For more information visit:
Hamilton Community Legal Clinic
Landlord and Tenant Board
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