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Scotland by Ragne and Janno

No description

Ranno Lagu

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Scotland by Ragne and Janno

Places to visit National Museum of Scotland General Info Loch Ness and the Great Glen Part of the UK Scotland Janno and
Ragne 7a class
Kadrina Secondary school Made up of more than 790 islands Bounded by England form the South, the North Sea from the East and Atlantic Ocean from the North and West, and the North Channel and Irish Sea from the South-West Edinburgh Glasgow 5.3 million 78,387 km2 Official: Scottish English
Regional: Scottish Gaelic, Scots Occupies the northern third of GB Edinburgh castle Glasgow Science Centre Isle of Skye Brora golf course Eastgate Shopping Centre National Gallery of Scotland The Cairngorms Scapa Scuba Dive Centre Scotland Icons The kilt Bagpipes Shamrock Whisky Tartan Thistle Stone of scone Scots pine Haggis Famous people Sir Thomas Sean Connery Chris Paterson Susan Boyle Robert Carlyile Catriona Matthews Famous Actor Born on 14. April, 1961 Famous Singer Born on 1. April, 191 Famous Golfer Born on 25. August, 1969 Famous international rugby player Born on 30. March, 1978 Born on 25. August, 1930 Famous for acting Thank you for watching and listening!:)
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