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Community Energy Planning

Jan 28, 2013 Seminar by York University SEI and Ryerson University CUE

Fernando Carou

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Community Energy Planning

Planning Fernando Carou, Senior Engineer
Community Energy Planning &
New District Energy Systems Province officially recognize that Cities & Towns have an active role to play in energy -- to address demand growth at the source, support local economic development, and achieve environmental benefit.

Minister of Energy instruct OEB and OPA to focus on Embedded Energy Solutions in Cities & Towns -- attract private investment, and take pressure off existing large infrastructure

Universities embrace Embedded Energy Solutions as a strategic imperative -- revenue generation, leadership in sustainability, and opportunity for multi-disciplinary curriculum. Seminar by York University SEI & Ryerson University CUE - January 28, 2013 4 Electricity
Crunch 28 Areas of High Energy Use Intensity + Future growth Fernando Carou, P.Eng | Senior Engineer
Community Energy Planning & New District Energy Systems

City of Toronto - Energy Efficiency Office

Email fcarou@toronto.ca

Website: http://bbptoronto.ca/new-district-energy/ Ontario Place Spatial approach York University 18 14 M sqft of new commercial and residential development on York U owned land (red/orange/purple blocks)

Opportunity to supply energy for new development by expanding and modernizing existing York U DE/CHP system

New source of revenue for York U, Sustainability Leadership, and new integrated curriculum York University District Energy Centre
5MW CHP(1997) In the News Electricity Crunch Embedded Energy Solutions Suggestions Embedded Energy Solutions New Transit for Toronto Exhibition Place (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr New DE/CHP System approved to be built for 2015 Pan Games 4 Toronto Electricity
Supply vs Demand Electric Issues Industry has moved out over the last 30 years
High-rise condos have moved in Capped Electrical Capacity to central and downtown Toronto
- peak demand & supply to the core almost equal 4 Most hi-rise construction in North America Growth in the City Increasing demand translates to:
infrastructure capacity pressure
capital budgeting requirements

Other impacts
power blackouts
higher frequency & longer duration
power quality
voltage spikes and dips Hour Demand
long lead time
vulnerable to low probability high impact events
public funded 100%
public opposition (i.e. gas plants)
many players (who makes the decision?)
Minister/Ministry of Energy
Ontario Energy Board add infrastructure when and where it's needed
organic growth
greater degree of autonomy Embedded
Energy Solutions (large transmission & Generation) If we don't change direction,
we're going to end up where we're going. Matching Supply
to Demand at the source (integrated into new development)
small local efficient generation
organic growth (staged investment)
requires no new transmission or large generation
improved energy security (many eggs in multiple baskets)
attract private $$$
short lead time and on-demand
NIMBY to PIMBY (put it in my backyard)
We've been doing this on a small scale for years The Traditional Way The Path to Resiliency Large transmission
& Generation Embedded Solution - Energy build enough capacity initially to accommodate growth for 30-40 years
as we add new customer load, we look at remaining capacity
today, we're at capacity (or close to it) and we are anticipating continued growth

What are the options? 30 to 40 yr 100 % build The Traditional Way The Path to Resiliency (embedded energy solutions) (large generation & transmission) (embedded energy solutions) Economic benefit
keep energy $$$
private investment
Environmental benefit
efficient heat recovery (CHP)
reduced GHG footprint
Energy resilience
increased energy security & flexibility
robust system Regent Park Community Energy System Matching Supply to Demand Electricity Crunch In the News
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