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Julius Caesar Presentation

Julius Caesar..... What more do you need

Zoey Smithens

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Julius Caesar Presentation

By: Anniina Walquist Life as a General Gets to be part of the consul Extra Facts- Cool, Interesting, Gross Julius Caesar For until he was around 10 he was tutored by his mom (Aurelia Caesar) and Antonius Ginipho who studied in Alexandria, Egypt. Julius' Youth In Between Years- Between Youth and General Julius was taught things about the Temples, Pyramids, and city-sates He had been born in a patrician family Julius was born on July 13, 100 B.C.- In roman terms The 13 day of the Quintillus year 653 His parents are Gaius Julius Caesar, and Aurelia 78 B.C.- Ceasar had gotten captured by pirates and when he got free he went back but "Showed them mercy" by cutting their throats before they were crucified The name Caesar came from an ancestor who killed an elephant in the 1st Punic war 71 B.C.-Aunt Julia and Cornelia (his wife) Die 67 B.C.- Julius Married Pompeia, the daugter of a very rich man Sends a man named Pompey to destroy a den of pirates that have been attacking ships Pompey comes back victorius but wants more power to do things Carussus (a friend of caesar) Gave him money to build the cullusium and host the "Public Games" 62 B.C.- Elected to office of Praetor
61 B.C.- Left to govern Southern Spain Came bck in 60 B.C. the second he was made Consul he made a law He had 3 battles and won over Gual Made friends with cleopatra and got pretty close with her Death/ Leading up to Citing: Caesar By: Roger Bruns, Julius Caesar By: Gary Jeffrey, Julius Caesar By: Samuel Compton Was about to leave when his other people when they decided he could not go on so 3 days before he left they attacked and killed him He was doing crazy things, that caused people to want to kill him Was going to have "a quick word" with Mark Anthony when Julius got attacked When he was captured the pirates were asking a ransom of 20 talents, and Julius got really mad that he was that cheap Caesar got very popular after creating the colluseum and people thought it was great entertainment
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