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"Fliptop Mag-Ingay!": An Exploratory Study on Fliptop Battle

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Clara Galang

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of "Fliptop Mag-Ingay!": An Exploratory Study on Fliptop Battle

"Fliptop Mag-Ingay!": An Exploratory Study on Fliptop Battle League as a form of Folk Media
Significance of the Study
Fliptop Battle Community
Rap Community
AB in Mass Communication and AB in Communication Students
Future researchers

Scope and Limitations
focused on why selected youth engage in Fliptop Battle League
Nature of Fliptop Battle League
Factors that affected or contributed to the development of Fliptop Battle League
Similarities and Differences of Fiptop Battle League and Balagtasan
Rewards derived by selected youth in watching Fliptop Battle League

Focus group discussion was divided into two batches consist of five discussants each due to discussant's availability and location.

Implications and Recommendations
Background of the Study and rationale
Definitions of Folk Media
Balagtasan as a form of expression
Culture of Hip hop music
Rap music as a form of expression
Fliptop Battle League

The popularity of Fliptop Battle League and the observation of the critics that it has became popular among the youth prompted the researcher to conduct an exploratory study on this new phenomenon.

Methods and Procedures:

Research Design & Methods: Exploratory, Cross sectional, Qualitative: Focus group discussion and in-depth interview
Subjects of the Study: six Fliptop Battle emcees, two professors in Sociology and Anthropology and a Pop-culture expert, two batches of focus group discussion consist of five discussants each.
Research Locale: FGD Batch A: Las Piñas City, FGD B: Marikina City, In-depth interviews: Interviewee’s choice of location
Sampling Procedures: Purposive sampling
Instrumentation: Guide Questions
Pre-test of research Instruments: Respective choices of the interviewees and discussants and was revised according to the recommendations of the interviewees and discussants.
Procedures for Data Gathering: E-mails or private messages, watched Fliptop Battle League
Procedures for Data Presentation and Analysis: Thematic Analysis

Summary of Findings:
What is Fliptop Battle League?
Fliptop Battle League is a company name.
Fliptop Battle League is a rap battle where in rappers or emcees pit against each other.
Aims to promote hiphop locally
Use rap music in reaching out throughout the country
Promote internationally our own rap battle
Staging of Fliptop Battle League:
Approval of both parties
Schedule of battle
Time to prepare (write their lines or bars)
Battle proper:
Toss coin
Three rounds, one minute each
Co-emcees who are present in the battle decides who will win.
Delivery, content, audience reactions

Integrated Theoretical Framework
Research Problem and Objectives
Why do selected teenagers engage in Fliptop Battle league?

1. To describe Fliptop Battle League;
2. To determine the factors that affect or contribute to the development of Fliptop Battle League;
3. To identify the similarities and differences of Fliptop Battle League and Balagtasan and,
4. To determine the rewards derived by the youth from Fliptop Battle League

Conceptual Framework
Gratification Categories
Personal Identity
Integration and Social Interaction
Creative way of presenting arguments
Creative expression
Outlet of emotions

Participants in Fliptop Battle League
Not hot headed
Someone who can accept being trampled down in front of many people and on stage
Someone who is profound
Has his own identity
Knows how to create rhymes
Knowledgeable about Hip hop specifically Rap battle and freestyle
Factors that affected or contributed to the development of Fliptop Battle League
King of the Dot (KOTD) Canada
US GrindTime

Rewards derived by youth in watching Fliptop Battle League
Criticisms towards emcees
New vocabulary words in Tagalog
History of Hip hop as well as its current state
Helps them relate regarding an emcees opinion
Helps them react positively through criticisms
Think critically
Outlet of emotions
Discipline especially to those who aspire to be an emcee
Gain friends
Most of the reasons why selected youth engage in Fliptop Battle League is because they are entertained.

1. Theoretical Implications

Nature of Fliptop Battle League
1. Staging of Fliptop Battle League
2. Context
3. Verbal and Non-verbal communication
4. Objectives of Fliptop Battle League
5. Purpose
Audience reaction in deciding the winner
2. Methodological Implications
3. Practical Implications
For future researchers
For Stakeholders
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