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Neolithic Style Architecture

No description

Manik Tandon

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Neolithic Style Architecture

Neolithic Architecture By:Manik Tandon
Neolithic Architecture
Neolithic Style Architecture
Were made in 10,000-2,000 BC
Typically 1 story houses
Materials used for Neolithic era houses
-Logs(Used as flooring for the houses)
-Clay(Used as sealing on the roof)
-Wattle and dub(Mixture of twigs and mud interwoven together)
Neolithic Architecture
Neolithic Architecture had used horizontal and vertical lines to create a sense of stability and strength in the building.
Homes were located across the Middle East,North Africa,Europe,South and East Asia,and America
Neolithic Architecture had some distinctiveness because of the type of materials they use.For example,not many modern buildings use wattle and dub as an material for an modern day building.
Neolithic Architecture
Wooden logs used
to create a post and
lintel structure
Long and wide thatched roof mixed with clay
Strong support system
used by using logs as pillars
to support roof
Neolithic Architecture
Neolithic Architecture was used mostly as residential purposes for the people using.It served as a place for people to sleep,cook and eat food.Also,the house would have a grain storage near the back of the house.
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