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P&S Sequence 2-CPS

No description

Madeline Moran

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of P&S Sequence 2-CPS

The Situation
Allie is a social worker working for the Arizona Department of Economic Security, reporting directly to Child Protective Services. She has just been issued an assignment to investigate the living conditions of a nine-year-old child, Luke, with diabetes. There have been reports from Luke's school about the possibility of physical abuse by the child's father, Anakin, and unsanitary living conditions in the home.
The Physical: Problem
Allie must visit the family, interview both the father and the son, and assess the living conditions. However, there are challenges. First, Anakin does not speak English, only Russian, and Allie's only foreign language is Spanish. Second, Anakin refuses to let Allie on the premises.
The Emotional: Problem
Allie notices that Luke's diabetes is also being neglected by his father. She also notices that both Luke and Anakin are emotionally distraught by her presence. Anakin does not agree with her investigating their situation. His state of mind can lead to more physical abuse and denial of Allie's assistance.
The Circumstantial: Problem
The case with Luke and his father has also made Allie aware that their neighbor is a recent client, a single mother named Lea who was physically abused by her boyfriend. In her visits to Luke, she has also talked to Lea a few times to see how she is doing. Lea has recommended you to a friend, Skye, also a young single mother, because she and her son are being physically abused by her partner. Skye's partner is forty-five years old, is reported to be extremely aggressive and taking medication for a heart condition. Lea wants Allie to help her friend.
The Circumstantial: Solution
ive Services

Problem and Solution Scenario Round 2
The Emotional: Solution
-First, Allie must help Luke get his insulin levels taken care of, after that she can tackle their emotional states.
-The key to that is developing empathy, respect, and genuineness.
-Allie's goals are to:
*assure Anakin and Luke that she is there for them.
*build a relationship with Luke to make him feel safe.
The Circumstantial: Solution
-Request Lea to file a report on Skye and her family to the CPS hotline to receive more details by calling 1-888-SOS-CHILD
-Interview everyone related to the case. Review any known records on file.
-Review information with a supervisor, obtain guidance on final decision
-Depending on outcome, obtain custody of the child

-Get clearance to take on the case file
-As there seems to be immediate danger, contact local authorities
-Calmly discuss the situation with Skye privately, suggest a lawyer
-With permission, carefully relay information to the partner and child

-Use a clear, friendly demeanor while appreciating the condition
-Be quick with the reports and get results ASAP
-Attempt to reason with individuals, use custody as a last resort
-Follow up consistently with the family

The Physical: Solution
Try to convince Anakin to let Allie on premises.
Ask Luke to translate, however if he seems reluctant or refuses then have translation ready for Anakin to read.
Use warrant/police as a last resort
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