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Adventure time prezi

IB further oral 2

Daniël Skywalker

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Adventure time prezi

Gender swap Main plot Original Gender swapped Characters Appearance
Characteristics Childlike
Focus on adventures Focus on Romance
Appeals more to female audience Jake <-> Cake Adventurous
Heavily Guided by moral standards Princess Bubblegum <-> Prince Gumball Dog
Finn's best friend
Bit Sassy Cat
Fionna's best friend
More Sassy Main Romantic Interest
Kind and Organized
More Active Main Romantic Interest
Less into science: interested in cooking
Kind and organized
More passive Ice King <-> Ice Queen Main Antagonist
Kidnaps Princesses (to later be saved by Finn)
Scruffy looking Main Antagonist
Kidnaps Princes
More well-dressed and proper
More aggressive and potent Lady Rainicorn <-> Lord Monochromicorn Girly/Cute look
Jake's romantic interest
Ability to change objects' colour
Talks Korean Masculine/Powerful look
Cake's romantic interest
Ability to open black holes
Communicates by using morse code Conclusion female <-> male Same, but not as active as Finn
More romantic
More mature Main Character Finn <-> Fionna Darker colors
Generally more active More colourful
Generally more passive Little difference Large difference Not too stereotyped Mainly
story - plot - theme changes
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