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Venn Diagram

No description

Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of Venn Diagram

Henry Parkes was born on the 27th
of May 1815. Warwickshire, England

Henry Parkes Sadly Died in 1896 5 years before federation. he was 81.
Edmund Barton was born on the 18th of January 1849 in Glebe, Sydney New South Wales, Australia.

Barton Sadly Died in 1920.
in 1889 Edmund agreed to help Henry
with his Ideas and then got involved
in the Federation Campaign in Tenterfield. Edmund made many speeches about federation to the community. Edmund liked the idea of Federation, the people working together and the communites. He went through New South Wales telling the people about Federation and telling them to set up groups called Federation League. in 1900 he went to london because for the debate of the Constitution bill. when Australia did become a nation in 1901 Edwand was elected to be the first prime minister
Crispin's Venn Diagram
Henry and Edmund worked together
when Edmund found out that Henry
Had idea's about federation so he joined him to help Australia Become a nation by Going around Australia and telling people about the benifits of federation and making groups for Federation.

Henry Parkes
Edmund Barton
Henry Migrated to NSW in 1839. In 1858 Henry Parkes became a member of the parliment. He was a member for over 40 years. Henry was only Mildy Interested in Federation untill in 1888 the New South Wales Cenetenary celebrations Convinced him.
Edmund Spent time in London because of the Constitution Bill they had to think about.
Edmund Barton sadly Passed Away in 1920
Henry Parkes Was Born
Henry Parkes Migrated over to New South Wales and started his job as a politic.
Edmund Barton Was Born.
Edmund Barton Joined in New South Wales
To be a member of the parliment
Edmund Barton accepted to help
Henry Parkes with his ideas of
All the colonies joined together to
create a nation, Federation.
Henry Parkes died in 1896.
Summarised Report
Question : How did Australia Become a nation?
Answer : Australia became a nation because of 2 men Henry Parkes and Edmund Barton, They started as seperate men untill in 1889 Edmund agreed to help Parkes with his idea of Federation. They went around Australia making public speeches and making groups to help make Australia a nation.

After doing alot of work with Henry
Parkes and Edmund Barton i have found out that they have made a massive impact in how Australia became a nation.

I have found out many things about how Henry Parkes and Edmund Barton helped make Australia a nation and here is my summarised report.

Henry Parkes was born in the 27th of may in 1817 in a place called Warwickshire in England. He started his career to be a politic in New South Wales in 1839, He was a member of the politics for over 40 years and had been voted premier 5 times.
Henry Parkes sadly died in 1896 5 years before Federation he was 81.

Edmund Barton was born on the 18th of Janaury 1949 in a place called Glebe. Barton started doing politics when he went to NSW and joined up there. He joined up with Barton in 1889 with his ideas. Edmund started doing Public Speakings to the community and made a group called "Federation League". In 1901 Edmund went to London because to sort out the Constitution Bill and later that year Australia became a nation. Barton sadly died in 1920.
By Crispin Mills.
Time Line of Henry Parkes and Edmund Barton.
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