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VCU's Break Point

No description

Dana Frawley

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of VCU's Break Point

BREAK POINT VCU's Best Kept Secret Basement of the Student Commons
Renovated in 2007

10 pool tables
Poker tables
Arcade games
Air hockey table
Fooseball table
Board games

Monday - Friday: 11am -11:30pm

Saturday: 12pm - 11:30pm

Sunday: 12pm - 10:30pm Prices:
$0.25 / board games
$3-5 / hour of pool & poker

Student organizations
Fraternity/ Sorority Events
Birthday Parties
Ticket selling for special events (ex: concerts) Generating about $6000 per quarter
Mostly from rentals
GOALS generate more revenue
become more involved in student events
reach more students
increase awareness TARGET MARKET Freshman and sophomores
Student Organizations
Student Organizations (ex: AMA, PRSSA)
Club Sports Teams
living on campus
no means of transportation
under age
limited living space in dorms
a great place for friends to socialize Fraternities and Sororities brotherhood/sisterhood meetings
mandatory "dry" events each semester
potential location for "meet and greets"
risk management: no liabilities of having to hold an event off campus or drive to different location
socialize with brothers/sisters - bonding "Learn to Play Pool" Night potential sisterhood/brotherhood event
bonding experience for teams/organzations
professional teaching them how to play
possibly a "regular" - would enjoy teaching IMC OBJECTIVES
various promotions
inform students about break point
and/or change pre-existing attitudes
increase student/organizations' demand
encourage people to come back
build traffic
increase sales

Media Mix Virtual Tour/YouTube Page Utilizing Social Media
Twitter: @VCU_BreakPoint Facebook: VCU Break Point YouTube.com/VCUBreakPoint Maintaining Break Point Webpage
on Commons' Website updated information (remove outdated info like bowling)
links to other pages: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
updated hours
link for room reservations
Signage Large 3' by 8' sign at the top of staircase
2' by 4' sign above back staircase

Break Point Games
Flyers restaurants
food carts
in the commons
handed out during freshman move-in
box-toppers for food in the commons Freshman Move-In party in Monroe Park
games & giveaways tshirts
coupons/promotional offers TV LOUNGE New 59" TV
DVR to record favorite shows
Comfortable couches/loveseats
"homey" feel
Place for friends to hang out
Movie night
TV show replays the following day
Video Game Center
New 59" TV
Xbox w/ Kinect
Games for guys and girls:
Dance Central
Call of Duty
Halo Measurement By the end of freshman move-in:
300 new Facebook Fans
100 new Twitter followers
Have flyers at at lease 5 food carts/restaurants around campus
Distribute promotional iteams by the end of freshman move in:
300 t-shirts
500 magnets
2500 pens
2500 cups

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