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Why choose GCSE History?

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Dan Smith

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of Why choose GCSE History?

Why choose GCSE History?

It will help to prepare you for further study and the work place 3 Reasons You will develop some very important skills for life You will study some really interesting and significant topics What topics will you study? Life in Britain during the First and Second World Wars Germany 1918-1939 Divided Union? USA 1945 - 1970 International Relations 1945 - 1990
The Cold War How does GCSE History prepare me for life after GCSEs? What skills will I learn? What subjects do people go on to study? Gathering information from all types of sources Understanding why people do what they do Developing an argument and making a judgement based on all the information available to you Prioritising information and events Evauating the significance of evidence or people in history Working in groups to reach a common understanding Being able to hold well thought out and reasonsed debates with your classmates and teachers Politics Law History Economics Sociology Languages Anthropology Archaeology English Geography How will you be assessed? 4 Units each worth 25%

Units 1, 2 and 3 Assessed by Examination
A variety of source and knowledge based questions

Unit 4 is a controlled assessment
Carried out in lessons after some research YES NO Do I have to choose between
History and Geography? Is History a highly regarded
academic subject? FAQs This old myth is not true at Valentines. These are two great humanities subjects that complement each other.
Human Geography - Ecomomic pressures on Governments
Physical Geography - Strategic decisions
Political Geograpgy - Shaping the decisions of leaders Most schools, colleges, universities and employers consider History to be a subject that equips young people with the skills needed both in education and the workplace Watch the video How far did the lives of Americans improve? What was the main cause of the Red Scare? How far were student protests effective in the 1960s? Did the Women's movement really make a difference int eh USA? Did people really keep calm and carry on? Did War improve the lives of some people in Britain? What was the contribution of women to the war effort? Why did people want to bring down the Weimar Government? How did the lives of German pople change under the Nazis? Was the use of propaganda the main reason why the Nazis were able to maintain control of Germany? How did the cold war start? How did allies turn to enemies? How did the cold war end?
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