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Augusta Tabor!!!

This prezi is about Augusta Tabor from Colorado!

Vivian Nguyen

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Augusta Tabor!!!

Augusta Tabor Augusta Tabor! Famous Colorado Pioneer! by: Vivian N. KC4 Augusta Tabor's Early Life Augusta lived from March 29,1833 to January 30,1895. Augusta lived in Leadville,Colorado. She later moved to Eighteenth and Broadway in Denver. Augusta was born in Augusta,Maine. Accomplishments!! Augusta! Famous Pioneer!! Yay!! Augusta Tabor is a succesful buisness
owner that owns real estate. She handled her money very carefully when few women were allowed to be involved in matters that concern buisness and finance. Money!! Colorado!! Colorado would be different if Augusta Tabor never lived here because Colorado wouldn't have as much revenue. WITH AUGUSTA TABOR! The churches would not have had a lot of help. WITHOUT AUGUSTA TABOR! Augusta helped many churches. Other Interesting Facts! Her nickname was the First Lady of Leadville! She was married to Horace Tabor, but they divorced. Her maiden name was Augusta Louise Pierce. She was buried at Riverside Pioneer Cemetery. COLORADO!!! Augusta Tabor was a great colorado woman pioneer. I'm Augusta Tabor
and I read books! Augusta's buisness provided money for Colorado and herself. AUGUSTA TABOR!! YAY!!!
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