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Rachel's Evaluation

My foundation portfolio evaluation of my music magazine.

rachel slater

on 29 July 2011

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Transcript of Rachel's Evaluation

Rachel Slater
Media Studies Evaluation Question One In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? Developing media products shows that i am able to recognise aspects of other music magazines and let them inspire me to use similar techniques, which i was able to do here. I liked the idea of the masthead of Kerrang's magazine so i decided to incorporate this technique into my magazine. Challenging the forms and conventions shows that although respect their techniques i wanted to give my product its own identity, image and individuality i wanted my it to stand out. I looked at the house style of Rolling Stones magazine for insperation i liked the idea of the banner across the top of the magazine. I decided to use this idea and expand by also putting a banner on the bottom of my magazine. Which i saw in an issue of kerrang. I also tried to make my image the main focus of the magazine like rolling stones had done. I tried to give my magazine its own image by taking some conformities to the extreme, i think in a way i have deferred from the typical rock/punk rock magazine house style the use of the dowdy green gives i think gives it a grungy style. My image on the front page i think is unique. I decided to focus in on two eyes of my band members and make it a main focus, i think it gives the magazine a gothic look. From watching My chemical Romances 'I don't Love You' Video i decided to have my images all in black and white. I think that the contrast of the white faces almost making them seem as though they are made of porcelain and the black eye makup gives my magazine its own house stlye. Instead of having the typical star/explosion shape puffs i decided to used paint splodges to give the idea of it being thrown on. Question Two How does your media product represent particular social groups? Like with most music magazines mine represents a wide cross section of society specifically anyone interested in punk rock, metal grunge ect music. i have found a clip on you tube which shows images and songs of which i think represents the type of social groups which would buy my magazine. Question Three What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? Question Four Who would be the audience for your media product? Question Five How did you attract/address your audience? Question Six What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? Question Seven Although from looking at the video it may seem as though it is stereotyping certain elements of society, i feel that my magazine is marketable to anyone of any race, culture or gender. I chose the feature band to consist of female artists, i did this as i think that many music magazines tend to focus on male artists. I wanted to give female bands equal representation. I think that my magazine would be best published by an already established successful company. I feel that most rock/metal magazines are becoming 'softer' and steering towards a more pop feel. I think that the best publisher for my magazine would be The Bauer Media Group. I feel that because their most popular music publications are Q and Kerrang, my magazine would be suitable but would also be in good competition. Insted of just conforming to the conventions i wanted to make my magazine unique. To attract my audience i decided to get i decided that my band would be wearing face paint, so that when my magazine was seen they would jump out from the page. I got my insperation from the band 'KISS'. From researching before i constructed my magazine i was able to find out what audiences thought was lacking in music magazines at the moment, this enabled me to add their suggestions to my own magazine. In the process of constructing my product i have gained so much knowledge. Using programmes such as Adobe Photoshop i found at the begining quite hard to use but by the end i feel my knowledge has increased dramatically. From the research that i conducted through an earlier posted questionnaire showed that target audience should be leaning towards the 17-18 female demographic. I also asked people who didnt buy music magazines that if there was a magazine
suited to their taste in music would they buy, with 100% response answers yes, i also
asked what type of genre would you like to see.The majority said that they would like rock/punk/metal. This is why i chose punk rock as my genre. With using photoshop i was able to manipulate my images. i started off with my original image. It allows you to have different 'Layers', this let me seperate the image. I then converted one of the layers into black and white. Yet stil having one layer still in colour. I was then able to use a tool called 'wand' this meant that i was able to delete certain things but still keep parts of my image in colour. This meant that when i replaced the image i had, some of my image in colour and the rest in black and white. I also learned how to use indesign and fireworks. I used fireworks to create my masthead. Looking back at my preliminary task which was to design a collage magazine, that I had to create on Microsoft publisher. Compared to the programmes which I am able to use (Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks and Indesign) my first task looks primitive. With using Photoshop i could arrange things behind or in front of each other and make the whole project look much more professional. The colour scheme and swatches were also much more advanced. I was also able to use shadowing and place colours behind images adjusting the brightness, contrast and colour balance i think gives the appearance of being from a studio photo shoot. I feel that the progression I have made from the preliminary task has give my magazine a professional and highly crafted result.
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