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Source Notecards

Source cards and notecards

Katie Carroll

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Source Notecards

MLA Research Paper You must have at least 5 source notecards for your paper

Source notecards must include:
1. The source number at the top right (to help you organize)
2. The complete citation in the body of the card (using proper MLA format)
3. Your name and the notecard number (#1 of ____) on the back Source notecards Notes Notecard -You must have at least 5 notes notecards for your paper
-Each notecard has only ONE idea
-Notes Notecards must include

1. MLA parentheical citation at top left (author and page number)
2. Source number (from source card at the top right
3. Labeled either "Direct Quote" or "Paraphrase" at the top center of the card
4. Organizational note at the bottom right (intro, body, conclusion)
5. Your name and the notecard number (1 of _) on the back
Notes Notecard Notes Notecard Sources Notecards # 1 Verducci, Tom. "Is Baseball in the Asterisk Era?" Sports Illustrated. 15 March 2004: 36-39. Print. Full name and notecard # on the back! (Verducci 38) #1 Paraphrase Barry Bonds hit his 661st home run with his trainer
Greg Anderson under indictment for distrubitng steroids. Body (full name and notecard # on back) (Verducci 38) #1 Direct Quote "Bonds denies using steroids, and his lawyer, Michael Rains, told the San Fancisco Chronicle, 'We continue to adamantly deny that Barry was provided, furnished, or supplied with any of those substances.'" Intro (full name and notecard # on back)
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