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Child Labor during the Victorian Age

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Arlene Deja

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Child Labor during the Victorian Age

The first laws for child labor were introduced around 1840's-1880's. These laws protected childrens abililty to work at different places at different ages. Also if these laws were not introduced many children would die because of how long they would have to work in simple working conditions!
What was the industrial Revolutions? When did it begin in England?
How did the Industrial Revolution change England?
At what age was a child permitted to work in England in the 1800's?
What types of jobs were given to children?
What was the typical pay for a child labor in the 1800'S?
Were children sometimes forced to work? Why? How?
How many hours a day did children work?
When were the first child labor laws introduced in England? How did these laws protect children?
Child Labor during
the Victorian Age

Children in the Victorian age would work about 16 hours a day until a specific law was made about children only having to work 10 hours a day.
The age you were permitted to work was at 5 years old! Well until a law was passed about starting to work at different ages for certain jobs.
The average pay was 75 pennies a week but most children only got 25 pennies a week.
Not unless their families forced them to. Children basically would go to work as soon as they were big enough but they were never forced to. Many families thought it would be a good idea for children to work even though they were paid less than adults.
The industrial revolution was an era of rapid and great change in industry and manufacturing with growth of factories. This began around the 1700's
The Industrial Revolution changed Britain from a land of small towns, villages and farms into a land of cities, large towns and factories!!
Well different jobs were given to diferent genders for example boys would push coal carts and go to sea as sailors while girls went into service as house maids. Both genders would sell things on the streets like matches, flowers, and ribbons.
There you have it! You now have some information about child labor during the Victorian age. You can now say you learned something today. Thanks for listening!! c;
Any questions
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