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Romeo and Juliet - Act 4, Scene 5

No description

Caroline Li

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet - Act 4, Scene 5

Caroline, Joanna, Henry, Ivy, Yasin Romeo And Juliet Act 4, Scene 5 Interpretation General Interpretation: Character Development Dramatic Significance Death and Love are Timeless Despairing Middle Comic relief and drop the tension Character Development Friar Lawrence Dramatic Significance Sudden shift in mood Literary Devices Repetition - "woeful day" and "lamentable day" Thematic Significance Stricken with grief and remorse Did NOT Modernize Because: Emphasis on Important Roles and Relationships Interpretation Why we chose to MODIFY
and not modernize: Audience Comprehension Friar Lawrence
Monologue Emphasis Humorous Start Humorous End Emotion Tension Lord Capulet Lady Capulet Nurse Paris Musicians Juliet's Feigned Death Release of emotion
and tension Subtle foreshadowing Musician's Witty Banter Perspective of lower-class “Always cherish and care for your loved ones, especially family members, before it is too late” Previous apathy
towards Juliet Antithesis and Dramatic Irony Contrast - "wedding" and "funeral" Metaphors - "sweet flower"; "untimely frost" Personification of death - "death hath catch'd"; "de-flowered by death" Iambic Pentameter - class distinction Oxymoron and Puns
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