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MobilEye Presentation - A Kelly

As of 28/7

Will Brown

on 28 July 2014

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Transcript of MobilEye Presentation - A Kelly

Who are Mobileye?
The cause of
VT Camera &
Monitor Systems
We're proud to currently be the only vehicle safety specialists distributing and supplying Mobileye in the UK

Get this template from:

Largest artificial vision Research & Development centre in the world
Leading development of detection systems for vehicle technology
25 Years of experience
Founded in 1988 specialising in Mitsubishi CCTV systems
Market Leading Technology
Global supplier of mobile CCTV, recording devices and vehicle reversing safety aids
Dedicated Support
In-house technical support team, sales and customer service & dispatch team
Our dedicated markets
Private Waste
Road Transport
Cash In Transit
A Few of our Customers
Product Focus: Introducing Mobileye
1.24 Million people die each year as a result of road traffic crashes
Complete range of camera systems for any vehicle and situation
A full range of specialist features including IP69 waterproof rating, micro-sized camera builds and LED night vision
Exceptional advanced features for your specific requirements
* VT 56 Shark Fin Camera
Tailored for installation on the rear of a van for vehicle reversing
* VT56 Rear Camera

IP68 and aluminum body at an affordable price
Monitors tailored for your camera setups
Choose on a monitor in your cab panel to meet your needs, fully compatible with any camera setup
360° movement
Ball camera body allows freedom of movement
to get the best shot
Clear view in the worst conditions
Installed position allows for rear visibility, even when door is opened or objects are close to vehicle
Extra wide IR LED Lens
Wide angle field of vision with night vision LEDs
make camera effective in any environment
Camera in focus:
VT56 Shark Fin Camera
Strong, durable body
Tough, durable plastic body tailored for reverse of vehicle
Make manoeuvres safe & easy

Control who has access to any systems on a vehicle including any on-board machinery

"All our camera and monitor products
are modular, meaning any product will be
compatible with each other."
Gives a driver a complete 360° view around the vehicle eliminating all blind spots and hidden reverse angles
Allow or
control of engine, brakes & rear vehicle machinery
safety &
360° Live Recording
| Auto Braking Radars
Cyclist detection systems
| RFID Control systems
Prevent accidents and collisions.
Single forward facing visual analytics camera unit mounted to the inside of the windscreen

LED visual display with loudspeaker will warn of hazardous events
- usually mounted in dashboard area

Fleet Management Reports

Product development in multiple countries
Growth in Japan, USA, China, Germany, Netherlands, Cyprus and the UK

Visit our website - www.vision-techniques.com
Call us on 01254 679717
Email us on info@vision-techniques.com or akelly@vision-techniques.com
Celebrating 25 years of delivering vehicle safety solutions
Presented by
Andrew Kelly
Tailored safety solutions for your needs - with one on one sales support
Dedicated In-House customer service
available when you need them
Extended warranties, fleet checks,
preventative maintenance packages
and long-term service contracts
Mobileye is an advanced driving assistance system (ADAS)

The system warns the driver of quickly approaching hazards by detecting speeds, vehicle movement and road signage

These warnings can help prevent vehicle accidents:
- which lowers the risk of injuries and fatalities
- and reduces the cost of vehicle damage and insurance
Tailor your own screen and system setup
Designed for built-up areas
Case Study
Programmable tags allow or refuse access to systems on a vehicle
Collision avoidance safety

Prevents and mitigates collisions

Significantly improves driving habits

Quick return on investment

Enhances social and corporate responsibility

Reduces fuel consumption

Provides a powerful tool for driver monitoring and evaluation

Effective risk management tool

Case Studies
Ministry of Transport, Netherlands (2008)
Vision-based driver assistance
Founded in 1999
World pioneer and leader of vision based driver assistance systems
$400 Million invested in 2013
Support from investors including Goldman Sachs, BlackRock and Enterprise Rent-A-Car
20 to 50 million more suffer
non-fatal injuries, with many incurring a disability
Road traffic crashes costs countries 1-3% of their gross national product
Nearly 80% of these crashes involved
driver lack of attention within
3 seconds before the event
93% of crashes are due to human behavior
and distraction before the accident
The effect of
early warning
1.5 seconds early warning can prevent 90% of rear end collisions
AXA studies have proven that the probability of collisions is directly preventable by 'early warning' indication
2.0 seconds early warning can prevent almost all crashes
The Mobileye
Parallel processing of
all Mobileye functions
Algorithms for vehicle
& pedestrian detection
application chip

Strongest auto-
motive chip

Fleet Management Reports

Over one year of testing,
77 Million kilometers
2000 Trucks
Accidents predicted
400 Trucks

Accidents predicted
Accidents took
place over year
Accidents took
place over year
"Participants maintain their distance better,
use their indicators more often and maintain
on the road more effectively..."
Rijkswaterstaat, Ministerie van Verkeer en Waterstaat
Case Studies
Coca-Cola, Athens (2010)
Installed with Mobileye in
central & Eastern Europe
International Fleet Safety of the year award
Accidents during
Proven increased driver performance & fuel efficiency
Coca-Cola Hellenic will achieve savings of over
1.5 million in its fleet annually and decrease its accident rate significantly.
Million EUR
Case Studies
KON (2012)
15 Collisions
per year
average collision rate
over past five years
Mobileye was equipped in 2012 to the
Since installion, KON has had
Entire fleet
with other vehicles
Other companies currently performing pilot tests around the world with Mobileye systems
Please ask us any questions about the Mobileye system or request a demo today


OEM Partners
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