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Social media strategies for UK insurance

Presentation to RBS on strategies for social media engagement

ross taylor

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of Social media strategies for UK insurance

Successful social media strategies Strategic Approach Organisational
Guidelines Speed up! Social media now Our social media pedigree Ross Taylor
Chief Digital Officer Influence, not own! 1500 tweets in 1 day
Reach of 500,000 people! Success lessons Introduction Why people use social media All brands are not equal Improving business relationships Journalists Investors Public Regulators Employees Suppliers Where to start Social Strategies So what does
success look like? Find me on www.linkedin.com/in/rosstaylor
Follow me on @rosstmw
Email me on rtaylor@tmw.co.uk
Call me on 07885 998867 Questions? Why bother? What is social? Performance varies by industry Engagement correlates to financial performance Socialware June 2010 Financial Advisor Survey Customers Tools and resources Understand Listen Learn Share Leverage Ross Taylor NEW YORK Feb 23 (Reuters) -- JPMorgan Chase & Co has raised $1.22 BILLION for a NEW FUND to invest in the "SOCIAL MEDIA SECTOR", above the $500 million to $750 million it had been expected to raise, The New York Times said on Wednesday. Socialware June 2010 Financial Advisor Survey Plan ahead... Engagement DB Report, Altimeter Group, 2009 Martin Harrison
Senior Planner Constructing successful
social media strategies Potential rewards Realising potential 1. Brand opportunities
2. Internal capability
3. Management commitment
4. Objectives and measures
5. Technology impact
6. Integration planning First steps include defining:
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