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Classroom Rules & Procedures

School Board Presentation - October 18, 2011

angie bruno

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of Classroom Rules & Procedures

Morning Procedures

During Group or Independent Work
Classroom Procedures
Lunch Time
Place your own picture
behind this frame!
Double click to crop it if necessary
Instruction Time is Not Bathroom Time
Behavior Procedures
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
-Not visible
-Silence the phone

(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Entering the classroom
Getting Started
Getting Dropped
off in the morning
Clean Up
Set down and get started
Time to switch
Line Up
Bring Healthy Lunch to School
Cafeteria Rules

Go to Cafeteria
Sit quietly at the table
This is eating time!
Throw your mess away
WAIT to be excused as a whole class
Line Up with Lunch in Hand
Respect each other!
Restroom & H2O Rules
Listen to each other!
Follow instructions but ask help when needed
Use hand signals
During Instruction
5 Star Listener
Earn Group Points
DOJO Points
Recess Time
Where to Play
How To Play
How to Line back Up
Take a knee
Put all equipment away
Reverse #'s
School's Out
Front of school
Line up by grade and wait to be excused to walk upstairs
Aim for perfect attendance! -Reward Letters
If you are absent you are responsible for making up work!
Absent folder
For long absences, let me know in advance!
Walk quietly "Marshmallow Feet"
Backpacks on racks
Non Uniform Jackets Off
Follow White Board Instructions
Ready to Learn
By the time bell rings you should be starting the morning assignment
HW Out & ready to be checked
Follow instructions carefully and make good decisions
Tardy Student
Don't be TARDY to the PARTY!
Between 8:30-9:00 go straight to the classroom
After 9:00 go to office for late pass
Quietly go to class & record name
Give teacher late pass & join in on the lesson
Owe 5 minutes at recess
1. Ears
2. Eyes
4. Hands
5. Body
-5 Star Listening
- Can you repeat what the person said?
-Can you build on what the person said?

What's your favorite book? Why.
What does that mean?

3 R's
Respect yourself
Respect the school
Respect Others
-Not during instruction
-Not after recess (restroom)
-Respect the school
-One person at water fountain at time
Star Wars
Mission Impossible
Mario Brothers
Indian Jones
Warning 3 Minutes Left
Line up by your #'s
No talking
No playing

*The quicker we get down there the more time you'll have
Playground Rules
Blacktop Rules
Grab all HW, Assignments & Belongings
Put Up Chairs in & Clean Mess
Walk down the stairs
Go to the front (19th st) & Wait for ride in designated spot
Do not try to make plans after school, make them before school
Go home and do your homework
5 Rule's
1. Be responsible
2. Be respectful
3. Be Safe
4. Solve Problems
5. Make Good decisions
When you follow the rules.....
Dojo Points
Paw Print
Table Points
Class Points
Extra Recess
No HW Passes
Notes/Calls home
If you ever break the rules.....
1 Warning
2 Time Out with Clipboard
3 Buddy Classroom & Phone Call Home

Black Top
Stay in designated area
Follow Black Top Rules
Don't bring your own PE stuff
No tag zone
Only going down slide
No ball zone
Respect others
Food only on benchs
Hallway Rules
Hands together
No talking
Stay behind the leader
Respect other classes
One straight line
Invisible line
!!!!!!!POP QUIZ!!!!!!
-Read the instructions
-Use your references
-3 before me
-Then ask me
Tell you what to do and how long to do it
What's healthy??????????

Most be worn daily
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