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taevian satterfield

on 19 May 2010

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Europe By
E ee ee adg asfdasd Luxembourg is the second smallest
country in Europe The population of Luxembourg was
491,775 on March 2009 census Climate in Luxembourg:
The climate ranges from 70f in the summer and 32f in the winter. Generally there is a small chance of snow during summer but it is highly unlikely Geography:
Western Europe, between France and Germany 49 45 N, 6 10 E. Its close to being smaller than Rhode Island. Languages
Luxembourgish (national language), German (administrative language), French (administrative language) People in Luxembourg eat Black Pudding, Smoked Collar of Pork w/ Broad Beans, and Chicken w/White Wine. H E E N D T 97% of the religion of
Luxembourg is Roman
Catholic Religion: The goverment of Luxembourg is ran by a grand duchy.
The last one in the whole world! Tourism:
Tourism is very popular in Luxembourg mostly all of the old castles dating back all the way to medieval times but also for it's rich diversity. An important person from Luxembourg is
Charles the IV. He was one of the many people
to be the Popeof the Roman Catholic Church
from Luxembourg War History of Luxembourg:
World war 1: Luxembourg's army did not fight in order in the
grand dutch. When Luxembourg declared it's neutrality it was easily
defeated and taken over by Germany. Luxembourg was liberated by the 3rd US army
World war 2: When world war 2 broke out Luxembourg again declared its neutrality but this time set roadblocks which was later named the Schuster Line on its borders. With a mere army of 425 Luxembourg held on until
May 10, 1940 when Germans broke the borders of the Schuster Line soon after Luxembourg was overruned and went through another occupation until the 1st US army liberated it a couple years later Folklore The Mermaid:
in this story there is a man named Count Sigefroid, who founded Luxembourg's capital, married a maiden named Mélusine. What he did not know however is that she was really a mermaid. After he found out she disappeared into the stone walls of the city. It is said that she remains there still. Every seven years she returns either as a beautiful woman or as a serpent with a golden key in its mouth. she could be freed if the woman were kissed or the key removed from the serpent's mouth.
It's also said that every seven years she sows a stich into a blanket and if it were to be finished all of Luxembourg would be sucked into the wall.

Smoked pork Culture:
Throughout the year a number of festivals are celebrated in Luxembourg,
that reflect the Luxembourg culture. The two major festivals celebrated in the
place are the Dancing Procession of Echternach and the Christmas celebration. Playing an instrument Soccer Cooking traditionally Dancing is there greatest hobby Flag of Luxembourg: The flag is a 13th century coat of arms of the Grand Duke Count Henry VI. The coat of arms featured a red lion on a field of striped white and blue lines. The coat of arms of Luxembourg dates back to medieval times The capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg-ville (what a shock :0) The best presentation yet.
Taevian's motion prezi Presents A presentation that will shock the minds of everyone. Luxembourg is a hill side country
with few ravines
and no major bodies of water Luxembourg is surrounded by
land and has no coast line eography G The Count of Ardennes at the time Siegfried I, traded some of his lands for an old fort , it soon turned into a small city and had a fortress built on top of a hill
called The Rock. Soon it became A city-state and was founded as a Grand Duchy in 963 A.D. Shortly after it was given the name Luxembourg.
About a century later in 1815 Luxembourg became a small country

istory Luxembourg The Story of Them A story that people will remember The beginning of our little story. Luxembourg was one of the founding members of the E.U
which means Luxembourgs currency is the euro Main cities are
Wittz, Esch, and Mertert
And Luxembourg-ville Exports include Precious metals, Chemicals, glass, machinery equipment,
rubber goods, and steel products. Its
main train partners are Germany (19.3%) and France (15.5%) Italy (9.5)
Luxembourgs imports are foodstuffs, high end goods like precious metals and minerals Luxembourgs main import partners are Beligum (26.3%) Germany (20.1%) and china Conomy C Music
Luxembourg mostly listen to pop and rock. Obbies overment Heres the name of one artist The Melting Ice Caps Religion
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