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pride and prejudice vs Bridget Jones diary

No description

miss jojo

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of pride and prejudice vs Bridget Jones diary

Bridget Jones diary Bridget Jones trailer what's make p&p different of BJD conclusion *The difference of BJD from p&p is that Bridget is the only one who dislikes Darcy, but in p&p there is more than one who dislike Darcy.

*In BJD Bridget is the one who tells the story, but in p&p there is 3 person who tells the story ( story of Lizzy and Darcy, Jane and Bingley and the bennets family)

*In BJD Bridget is a comedic character that you want to laugh at, because she makes comic situations for the reader or audience, insecure about herself and acts many different roles in her life(a serious career woman at the job interviews and then the perfect woman for couple on the mini break), while in p&p Elizabeth is not a character you laugh at, in the same way because she’s is more confident than Bridget. She is self – contained , Sensibility and does not play different roles she’s the character that the audience wanted in the 19th century, and which they could identify with. the two books or films have enough in common to comparing. Each of them builds like a Cinderella- story, where the ordinary girl, wins the rich and the handsome hero.while there are some different in BJD of Bridget life, but they both build on the same central notions and plot. social class In the two novels p&p and BJD Darcy's character are similarities and both of them are rich men and have highly respected barristers.
and The aim for females Elizabeth and Bridget is want to find a good man, also their first impression of Darcy in both movies is that he is arrogant and aloof. marriage: In p&p and BJD two men love Lizzy and Bridget and want to marry from them,but one because he love her and the other like her but it's not enough.
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