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No description

Ahmed Nagiub

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of IWMC


presented to :
Can you discern between waste management and recycling??
every kind of recycling Is considerd a waste management but waste management isn’t considerd recycling.

Integrated Waste Management concept through all over Egypt.
A day in an Egyptian recycled bottle life
Collecting all kinds waste in Egypt by using new technique.
Separating each kind of Waste.
Establishing a system to recycle plastics.
Establishing a system to recycle all metals.
Establishing a system to recycle organic waste.

Integrated Waste Management Team
A bit of history
Our background in this field returns to 2008, and we started to take action in June 2013 by defining our vision, mission and goals of our idea, and then market research was the next step to know how to make a successful proposal, by the way writing a plan we start to use all information we collected to persuade stakeholders to support us. By god willing we could take fund and all support we need to start the first step in our project in 12/12/2014.
Why PET ?
PET Plastic Bottles (polyethylene terephthalate)
Commonly used for water and food packaging.
Take at least 500 years to biodegrade in a landfill (Benefits-Of-Recycling, 2010).
Plastic bottles take up millions of cubic yards of landfill space each year (Benefits-Of-Recycling, 2010).
Just in the US, PET plastic bottle sales increased from around 32 billion in 2000, to around 72 billion in 2006; growth of 225% in just six years (Hoy, 2009).
28.8 billion PET bottles ended up in US landfills in 2006 alone (Hoy, 2009).

Work process
Thanks for your time
Integrated Waste Management Team
Should be in safe hand
Be Creative !
Who we are?!
Recycling process of (PET) isn’t very simple … it has many risks and need high accuracy
Separation table
Colored Bottles
Other Kinds of Plastics labeled to PET
Other Kinds of Plastics
Belt Convoyer
Next step
New crusher
-increasing the capacity
-reach the minimum capacity of the washing line
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