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Social Mobile Local

No description

Jim Marnie

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Social Mobile Local

Strategy Which channel will be most effective? L CAL S CIAL for 2013 Mobile Marketing 2013 Your Message on the Move! Presented by:
Bob Bentz
John Geary
Scott Bronenberg
Brad Bierman
Jim Marnie M BILE Social Media Interaction The 4 Elements Of Social Promote How will your target audience know about the mobile campaign? Engage What does your audience receive for participation? Interact Mobile and Social channels are 2 Way communication avenues Satisfy Create connections with positive feed back from audience Twitter? Pinterest? Facebook? Who is your target audience? Gender? Age? Education? Why will they choose to engage with you? Will your content reflect the interests of your target market? Managing Social Media Interaction between members and admin(s) : Daily, Weekly, and Monthly updates Direct replies and messages to engaging members Comment monitoring of positive and negative feedback Creation of fresh content for attracting and interacting with customers Where it Counts Optimized content found in searches to attract your audience Increased SEO rankings for online presence and mobile SEO Visual upgrades and updates Event to Mobile Radio to Mobile Broadcast TV to Mobile Facebook to Mobile Turn traditional awareness
into mobile audience engagement! Engaging YOUR consumers with their mobile browser of choice!

Starts a very intimate relationship, as consumers often bring MOBILE devices even to the bathroom!


Mobile Search is growing at astronomical rate, delivering a mobile optimized experience will be difference between winning and losing a potential consumer!

Link to M or E-commerce and increased traffic to your mobile site and or introduction to download a mobile app

Fun, innovative, engaging and memorable brand/product or business interaction - its an extension of your brand! Benefits of
Mobile Optimized Promotions Text to Win Instantly
Text to enter sweepstakes

Mobile entry form
Mobile microsite

Intro to Scratch Match and Win Game

Custom QR codes
Turning traditional awareness into mobile audience engagement! What we will review today Offer consumers instant gratification and TIMELY redemption! TXT to Win! Is an entry to Opt in consumers for future broadcast text messages! Brings traditional broadcast media to life! Mobile Sweepstakes Entry With ability to integrate with existing or newly developed CRM’s! Customized administrator platform. Key added value points:

+ Immediate lead Follow up
+ Real time monitoring of response
+ Secure and instantaneous reporting SMS Text Message Marketing Mobile Web Optimized Promotions Power of Facebook Mobile Promoting the Promotion Social-Mobile Q: How can you make a TARGETED MOBILE AD CAMPAIGN COME TO LIFE,
and create instant impact at retail!? Increase Facebook LIKES Prize Pool A: Mobile Scratch & Match Game with a Facebook Twist! "The Scratch and Match Game" will provide interaction and product engagement with a bounce back to retail. This provides a rich experience through mobile and PC offering the versatility and value of both Worlds! Every Winner and player receives an email confirmation and their prize! John Geary Brad Bierman Scott
Bronenberg Who else has this concept been successful for? Your Facebook wall posts an update each time you play and win! Share with friends! The best part …
It’s Viral! ATS Mobil Snapshot of targets! Category App Mobile Advertising placement:
Influence participation while growing awareness and sales, in both the near and long term. Targeted Mobile
Advertising and Promotion: Text or Scan to win entry with a push through to mobile promotional micro site Mobile and Standard Web Optimized Promotions Data Capture and Opt In’s are the name of the game! Mobile Sweepstakes Promotions Increase Facebook LIKES Windows Phone 7
480x80 Android
300x250 & 320x50 iPad
300x250, 728x90, 120x600 & 468x60 iPhone
300x250 & 320x50 Standard Banners 3. 2. 1. 3 portals of entry to engage the consumer! Bob Bentz President, Advanced
Telecom Services
(founded 1989)

Experienced entrepreneur with expertise in Mobile Marketing

www.advancedtele.com Philadelphia
Bratislava Interactive Marketing Leader Since 1989 91% Have their Mobile Device Within Reach at All Times CTIA.org 2012 Pew 2012 Increasing Mobility 55% of people access the internet via a mobile device
47% last year

31% of adult U.S. mobile web users say they now go online mostly via their mobile phones Pew 2012 Percentage of Searches Performed From Mobile Phones Text Message Marketing PEW 2012 79% of Americans send and receive 10 text messages per month. Ubiquitous Mobile Youth – May 2012 If you want to reach teens and young adults… e-mail is so yesterday 48% send more than 50/day

68% send more than 20/day Teens Live on their Mobile Phones PEW 2011 94% respond
To a text message Immediately upon receipt. TIMELY Action Reach customers when they are most likely to buy. Opt-in Consumers have
specifically chosen
to receive your promotions. Database marketing A valuable resource indeed Mobile Microsites New -Improved user experience for mobile
-Same features & 85% less expensive than App
-Only 7% of competitors have one Why Develop a Mobile Microsite? Bookmark Icon Feature Click To Call Our Special Sauce Same Features as an App… at 15% of the Cost Show Your Food and Restaurant Gain Positive Reviews Increase
Takeout Location and hours makes you easy to find Drop Icon on Smartphone Mobile Marketing Strategies Custom QR Code and SMS entry to
promotional mobile microsite QR codes 54% Now Own Smartphones ComScore 2011 49% of smart phone owners
have scanned qr codes.

18% have made a purchase QR Code Usage Hits the Roof! Product Placement Victoria’s Secret “Sexier Than Skin” Qr Code Usage on the rise QR code scanning is up 157% from Q4 in 2011. ScanLife – May 2012 WHO’S DOING THE SCANNING? Which One Would you scan? Emerging “Mobile First” World Apple vs Android Q4 2012 Apple sold 47.8 million iPhones & 22.9 million iPads To date 100 million iPads have been sold • The Galaxy outsold the iPhone for a fourth straight quarter

• Amazon’s Kindle holds an impressive 33 percent of the U.S. Android tablet market Trending Growth of Android tablets:

•The iPad's market share dropped to 50.4% in Q3 2012

•Similar to the smartphone market every Apple new product launch gives the iPad a boost, but Android tablets gain ground in the next several quarters Accelerating decline of the PC market •Lackluster Windows 8 sales

•Pending Dell privatization

•Lenovo interest in BlackBerry Ecosystem direction •Business oriented apps

•Enterprise delivery

•“Taking advantage of the inherent nature of the device”

•Location awareness

•Complex, multiple data streams Advanced Mobile App
and Tablet Solutions •Custom mobile software developers

•Comprehensive suite of services allow our clients to outsource their mobile needs

•Experience & capabilities to seamlessly handled multiple, complex and realtime data feeds

•Clients include CBS College Sports, CitiTrends, Turner Sports, AT&T, IBM, SAP America, American Express, Conde Nast, USOC , Comcast Sports Group and MonitorforHire Bob Bentz J Jim Marnie Source: Pewinternet.org; January 2011 Percentage of Restaurant searches performed by mobile phones 47% 62% on
Valentines Day Source: Pewinternet.org ONLY 7%
Percentage of Restaurants with mobile websites Source: ComScore
Restaurant Mobile Searches 65%
From 2010 to 2011,
mobile searches increased
19% Still Growing! 84.4% of EU residents (Source: comScore MobiLens, December 2011) It’s Not Just Talk What We Do on Our Cell Phones Your Customers WANT to Receive Your Messages Opt-In Advertising QR Codes Text Message
Marketing Mobile
Websites Overview Mobile Apps Text Chat “61% of visitors to a mobile unfriendly site will likely go to a competitor’s website.” -- Google Google has 2 bots:

Googlebot & Googlebot Mobile.

Different rankings for desktop & mobile.

Added benefit of mobile site is higher rankings in mobile search. Mobile Website = Higher Mobile Search Rankings Source: HubSpot Mobile Coupons Mobile coupons are 10x more likely to be used than traditional paper coupons Source: HubSpot Mobile Coupons Mobile coupons are 10x more likely to be used than traditional paper coupons Viral “21% of All Sales were from customers not in the database” Using a unique PIN, you can track the effectiveness of your advertising Measurable Additional Branding Custom Branded QR Codes http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2011/technology/1111/gallery.23_coolest_qr_codes.fortune/index.html Advertisers are smitten with the small, square patterns that can be scanned by smartphones. Here are 23 from major brands that don't look like anything you'd expect. November 12, 2011 23 of the coolest qr codes Custom QR codes = 2.3x more scans! New Music Tuesdays - Philadelphia
Standard QR Code = 163 downloads/day
Custom QR Code = 370 downloads/day
Only one day of website advertising Look What We’ve Done Recently Content

Oshawa Generals MVP Voting
March 18, 2012 vs. Peterborough

Sponsor: Auto Workers Credit Union

4,600+ Texts in One Day! Text message voting Content

10 Nominees
Facebook Connect or Email Verification
Mobile CAPTCHA and Hosting Security
Voting Limitations (10 Per Day)


Over 2.9 Million MOBILE Votes! HEROES: Mobile Voting Record setting votes for campaign history! Great for Team; Great for Sponsor! Background:
60 Unique QR Codes
Each Code Displays Unique Video Tips
January 8, 2012

The Promotion:
500 Books Printed
60 Codes Placed Throughout the Book

60 Customized, Unique QR Codes
Back-end Reporting on Scans

Results USL: QR Code Book 2,240 QR Codes Scanned in the First Month! Super Jam 2: QR Code Lanyard Background
Sponsored by Hot 107.9 & 100.3 The Beat Philadelphia
Sunday, June 18
Susquehanna Bank Center, Camden, NJ
Starring Chris Brown, Diddy, Keri Hilson, Lloyde and Jeremih

The Promotion
3,000 VIP Lanyards with QR Code

Sneaker Villa

New Music Video by Chris Brown
Chance to meet and greet Chris Brown and Lloyde
Chance for backstage meet and greet

20 Interns assisted with QR Code awareness 1,941 unique QR Code Scans (64.7% Participation) Feb. 13 – Instant Win Games & Sweepstakes
Feb. 20 – Hungry for Profits (Restaurants)
Feb. 26 – Texting Tuesdays
Mar. 13 – Hip to Be Square (QR Codes)
Mar. 20 – Mobile, Social Local (Small Business)
Mar. 26 – Texting Tuesdays

Register at www.AdvancedTele.com Join us for more webinars In Any State (Source: Pew; May 2011) Blacks & Hispanics Text More With any Race (Source: Pew; May 2011) Women Text More Sex Mobile APPs Text Chat Philly's Mobile Home Team We put mustard on our pretzels
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