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Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Start

o Take out the instructions.
o Read and go over the instructions to make sure you have all the supplies.
o Collect the supplies for the recipe you are making.
o Get out your mixer.
o Go to step #1

Step #1
1. Take your kitchen Aid out and put the medal bowl on the mixer base then twist it to the left.
Step #2
2. Use the tip guide that was provided with the mixer to decide what tip you need for what you’re mixing.
Step #3
3. Use the black knob on the side to lock the bowl in place.
Step #4
4. Plug your Kitchen Aid in and put the ingredients in the bowl. Depending on what you are mixing you usually start on a low setting of 2-4 and increase the speed as they mix.
How to Use A Kitchen Aid
By: Olivia Carlson
Are you trying to make something and need to use a Kitchen Aid? Do you not know how to use it? In these few steps I will tell you how you can be mixing it up in no time.
Twist the bowl to the left to put it on. Twist it to the right to loosen it.
On the right side of the mixer you will find the lock settings for locking your bowl in place.
On the left side of your mixer you will find the speed settings. Start on a low setting unless your instructions say otherwise.
Properly plug it into the wall.
Now that you have learned how to use your mixer have fun making new things.
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