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Electrostatics Concept Map

A possible way of organizing the many topics from electromagnetism at the level of introductory college physics

Bruce Emerson

on 7 March 2012

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Transcript of Electrostatics Concept Map

Newtonian Mechanics
Newton's Laws
Freebody Diagrams
Circular Motion
All the tools you develop to understand and describe the Newtonian universe are embedded. Electromagnetism just provide some additional forces that may be present in a particular setting.
Coulomb Force
Electric Field
Electric Potential
Field line model
equipotential maps
basic charge ideas
3rd grade rule:
opposites attract
likes repel
in solids:
electrons are mobile
nuclei are not
electrons are mobile
ions are mobile but slow (massive)
in liquids:
Newton's Laws
qualitative behavior
energy needed to assemble
philosophic problem
action at a distance
These are vector problems!
interaction is independent of other charges
allows solution of multicharge problems
more than 2 charges
points of equal electric potential
perpendicular to E field
analogous to topographic maps of gravitational equipotentials
abstract representation of E field
E tangent to field line
E greater where lines closer together
lines point away from + /towards -
lines originate on + and terminate on -
lines representing total E don't cross
test charge in pocket:)
standard fields to know
further abstraction of the complex abstract idea of a field
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