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Yale Printing & Publishing Services / Marketing

No description

Jason England

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Yale Printing & Publishing Services / Marketing

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a planning process that...
Identifies the needs and wants of potential customers
Helps create a product or service
to meet these requirements
Tries to convince potential customers to buy the new product
Through Touch Points
Touch Points are any
methods or modes of
contact between
our department and
our customers
All Staff plays a key role in marketing by supporting
our efforts
Face-to-Face touch points
Phone conversations
Word of mouth
Drivers & deliveries
Walk in visitors
Electronic newsletters
Constant Contact
1st Marketing Plan Goals
Executive summary
Mission, vision, mantra
Products & Services
Short and long term goals
S.W.O.T. analysis
Industry analysis
Customer analysis
Marketing objectives & Target Audience
Public Relations
Sales force

YPPS Marketing Time Line
Our Business was status quo
Economic recession was not affecting Yale
Marketing was not necessary at this point

Economy starts to impact Yale
7.5% budget reduction
YPPS is defending its value to the University
Installation of Avanti (new MIS) begins
George Guman Retires
Marketing is a thought, but how?
2010 & 2011
Exterior pressure
Budgetary cutbacks in
2010- 7.5%
Decline in print Business due to Yale’s new
sustainable mission
YPPS moves to a new building (time needed to acclimate)
IT support reduced
Learning curve with Avanti
Loss of Bernie in IT affects Avanti rollout by 2 years
Loss of Russ affects mailing department
Retired staff – Joe Maynard, Laura S., Rose, Joe C.
Summer vacation time can impede operations
Not financially stable to hire for a marketing position
No internal staff with marketing experience
How do we start to market YPPS?

2010 & 2011 Marketing Resolutions
Management successfully justifies our existence to
heads of Yale
Staff acclimates to our new environment and our losses
Reallocate time and resources towards Avanti for
Avanti rollout team
(Brian, Tony, Maria, Jason, ITS & Change Management)
System implementation
Stakeholder’s impacted
Communication to stakeholders
Avanti system's look & feel
Operation integration
Staff & customer training
E-newsletter & website communication

Exterior pressure
Budgetary cut back of 5%
Avanti rollout is taking time
Still limited IT support
FSLA audits Yale and effects department structure
Loss of Shirley affects Jim's group
Retired staff - Kif & Dolores
Summer vacation time can impede operations
FSC staff procedures & training
YPPS is not financially capable of hiring a marketing position
2012 Marketing Resolutions
Acquisition of Science Park Business Services
YPPS pitches Yale Hospital
New color machines
Provide more efficient pricing to customers
Gains CME color business
FSC certification
1st Lunch & Learn
Avanti rollout continues
YPPS gets University support & develops resources to launch a full marketing program (Jason, Lisa, Maria)
Formal marketing is developing!

2014 & 2015 Marketing Goals
Increase Exposure of Products & Services
Continue to listen to our customers
Increase creative services demand & revenue
Generate Record Retention awareness & revenue
Increase mailing service demand & revenue
join social media
Continue Blog and PR coverage
Develop a cleaner more user friendly website
Increase web page browsing time
Increase web traffic
Increase our department’s exposure to the Yale community
Build new business while complying with Towns & Gowns
Provide more value added services
Promote more sustainable initiatives
Expand Blueprint
Introduce record retention
Increase Avanti e-access use
Explore digital platform design to offset print market
Increase Open House communications "Lunch & Learn"
More holiday communications
Keep pushing brand awareness
Launch product & service brochure
2013 & 2014 Marketing Achievements

Marketing Achievements continued

Salvaged college printed facebooks
New processes and communication added customer value and cost savings
Listened and answered our customers concerns
Through survey analysis
Leveraged our 25 years with Yale
Increased our touch point access
Stayed in front of our customers once a month with e-newsletters
Increased web page browsing time
From an average 2.2 min to 3 min (with a high of 3.5min)
Increased opportunities for customers to visit our web page
Specials page (updated quarterly)
Employee Spot Light Bios (monthly)
Blog (two times per week)
Sustainability initiatives
Fresh web page Content
Increased YPPS value added services
FSC certification
Record Retention program
Awareness of specialty Items
BluePrint using PaperCut system
Quarterly specials
Marketing Achievements continued

Exterior Pressures
Lack of customer awareness
Summer vacation time can impede operations
Annual FSC Audit
Russian Provosts visit YPPS & Yale for a full demonstration on our success
WEPA kiosks are a new threat to cluster printers and our revenue
Media Services lowers large format print prices & becomes a stronger competitor

2013 & 2014 Marketing Resolutions
April 2013
YPPS develops and implements first Marketing plan
Survey analysis results are reviewed and addressed

May 2013
End of Year customer "Thank you" communication by e-newsletter
Defined YPPS Mission, Vision, & Mantra communicated by e-newsletter

June 2013
Council of Masters meeting for printed facebooks and other items
School of Nursing (YSN) move communication by newsletter
YSN Lunch & Learn @ YSN

July 2013

Survey respondent “Thank you” communication by e-newsletter

2013 & 2014 Marketing Resolution continued
August 2013

Council of Masters meeting on facebook is followed-up by an e-newsletter

Oct 2013
YPPS "25 years of service" campaign begins (year long campaign)
Branding efforts commence for visual and brand identity

Nov 2013
25% off Large Format Printing begins (3 month campaign)
Service Point Closure opportunity communication goes out

Dec 2013
Holiday communication goes out by e-newsletter

Jan 2014
Stock Book is finished and used as a touch point communication
Postage rate change communication goes out by e-newsletter
25% off Large Format printing continues

2013 & 2014 Marketing Resolutions continued
Feb 2014
Blue Print launches to compete with WEPA Kiosks, a revenue threat of $550,000 per year
Biodegradable Bags are developed for sustainability and brand awareness

March 2014
Sustainability write-up from Yale
Yale Pads are created and distributed as a 25 year special

April 2014

Products & Solutions web page is launched to increase awareness and sales
Our Story web page is launched for transparency to show customers "our story"

May 2014
Generated 2nd annual marketing plan

These points of contact
can be very influential

Public Relations
touch points
Working at Yale
Yale News
Yale BLU
ITS MM news (1465 subscribers)
Med School Weekly
OISS (6000 subscribers)
Yale's Facebook
Other Touch Points
Yale Shuttles
Our Packages
Copy & MFD printers
Blog posts
Online Ordering System
Delivery vehicles
Packing Slips & Invoices
When it started & what we did
2013 & 2014
Defined who we are and were we are going
Our Story, mission, vision, mantra
Increase Brand awareness
Biodegradable Bags
Packing Tape
Driver apparel
Badge Leashes
Vehicle Graphics
Email signatures
Entryway door and wall graphics
E-Newsletters & PR communication channels
Updating web pages
BluePrint Promotions (Printer labels, posters, pens, face-to-face marketing)
Increased Specialty Products Awareness and Sales
$17,841 in 2009 (April/May)
$13,681 in 2010 (April/May)
$6,320 in 2011 (April/May)
$16,998 in 2012 (April/May)
$26,656 in 2013 (April/May)
$54,754 in 2014 (April/May)
BluePrint saved our cluster-printing business
$550,000 in revenue per year
Increased new customers
943 new clients compared to the end of 2012

Educated customers on our new online ordering system
Avanti Rollout
Increased newsletter communication open rate
Up to 30%
Increased communication click through rates
Up to 46%
Increased web traffic
Up to 642 visits per day (AVG 250)
Strengthened customer relationships
Residential colleges
Yale Health
School of Music
SOM Education
Built up new business
Council of Masters
Over all department revenue growth
$9,460,218 FY11
$9,621,299 FY12
$10,099,370 FY13

1st Annual Marketing Presentation
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