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Titanic By : Nicole V.

Titanic Project

Jaci Howard

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Titanic By : Nicole V.

The captain of the ship was Edward Smith. The ship's official
The Titanic
1st class : 37% died, and 63% survived

2nd class : 58% died, and 42% survived

3rd class : 75% died, and 25% survived

Crew : 77% died, and 23% survived
The Iceberg
Distance from land when it sank : 400 miles

Speed at time of impact : 22.5 knots

Number of iceberg warnings received that day : 6

Water temperature that day : 36
Titanic By : Nicole V.
Beginning Facts about the Titanic
name was Royal Mail Ship and also stands for RMS. It took 3 years to build. It cost 7.5 million dollars to make the Titanic, but today it cost 124 million dollars to make the Titanic.
Captain Edward Smith
Took 3 years to build
Height : 17 stories high

Length : 882 ft. 9 in.

Width : 92 ft. 6 in.

Weight : 46,000 tons

Rudder : 20 tons
People who died and survived
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